The Day that Daesh Used A Daesh Women to Lure Kids

Foundation of the Euphrates’, is a new ISIS video being used to lure Western girls to ‘come to the Jihad’. It is their first female spokesperson.

ISIS recently unveiled a magazine called ‘Majestic’, which exclusively caters to women readers and is given to people who live in territories controlled by them.

Many women from across the world are known to have traveled to Syria to join the terror group. Girls as young as 15 have deserted their families over promises of ‘young, handsome’ grooms and a life of riches, only to be jilted by the harsh realities of a life of jihad.

But the Nurse’s Video produced here in Mosul “Inside The Islamic State“, kicks ISIS-ass and says “NO! Don’t Go.”

QUOTE: The Islamic State is nothing more than a power hungry gang of men who believe in nothing but money. They are now beckoning women to hell. Don’t come here, sister. ISIS exploits women and children. The video made by a kidnapped sister is fake. ISIS is HELL for women!”

Their Video is here.

Press Release Is Here

Thousands of Yazidi women from Northern Iraq have suffered torture, rape and other sexual abuse from Daesh rapists. Apart from the risks they take, the nurses here are doing a bang-up job taking care of OBGYN patients in Mosul. I guess when you treat women patients all day, you learn to really hate these Daesh’tards but we security people do worry at times. But then the whole thing about putting it in Daesh’s face is fun too, if you get my drift.


So look, girlie, or lady…  use your f*ckin brain. Life inside the Islamic State is living hell.
If you realy want that you should go see a shrink.

Instead of joining Daesh, help the world get rid of this infestation. Join the revolution of women to take control of their own lives and their own bodies.

Watch this video.

And now watch this video to learn what real women want in their lives.

If you want a better life, JOIN US.

Don’t join ISIS, idiot.