End violence toward women & girls

Music for end all violence toward women and children is the exquisite work of Yoshiki Hayashi.

In Ukraine, women must form the resistance against tyranny of men.


Criminals in gangs or military units, and operating as freelancers, in Ukraine, own a plethora of weapons including grenades, assault rifles, side arms, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, shoulder-launched missiles, other explosives, and more.

Roving groups, small and large, of armed men, are seeking out food, women and girls. They trade in human slaves for sex, labour and to use as mules in drug trafficking.

Recently in a firefight that resulted as a diversion to a rescue, three perpetrators were wounded two of which later died. The irony is that they were killed by their own friendly fire.

Reaper Team operators are highly skilled warfighters.

Men of many nationalities including Canadian, British, American, Ukrainian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, will beat, rape, and sometimes kill the females they encounter no matter the women’s and girls’ race, creed, nationality or even their names. They see women as useable or disposable. Those they feel they can sell they herd like sheep to dingy cells where they are kept until the day they are transported to a buyer. There are numerous variations of this procedure according to victims. Some girls and women end up at the home of a Ukrainian Oligarch..

Ethnic Russian females—a significant portion of Ukraine’s population—are in extreme danger at all times in most regions and must seek protective measures including attendance at women’s shelters or community groups. Law enforcement in Ukraine will not help these ethnic Russian females.

Report A Crime To our Client, The RINJ Foundation

The violence of men against women in Ukraine has no bounds and has been an issue since at least 2013, in our experience. We have done short term missions in the Donbass Region since that time but our Client has been in the area longer. Since March 2022 Reaper Team is engaged by the client in Ukraine to supply armed guards to all women’s shelters, birthing clinics, rape clinics, and women’s evacuation operations.

Ukraine is a war zone. The Reaper Team is engaged as a security contractor for The Nurses Without borders and The RINJ Foundation in Ukraine, Luhansk PR, Donetsk PR, Transnistria, South Ossetia and in fact in ‘hotspots’ all around the world. Reaper Team  provides guard service for medical clinics, birthing clinics, rape clinics and women’s shelters as well as travel security for personnel and investigative services in general.

In late Spring 2022 in Mariupol, (de facto)-Donetsk PR,  a number of skirmishes took place involving men of multiple nationalities attacking a group of basement women’s shelters. Twelve attackers perished in three events involving several incomplete sexual assaults which triggered a defensive response from our guards and a firefight. Two attackers escaped but were days later found to be deceased. In seven other events, attackers escaped primary perimeters but were later found to be deceased in the third outer security perimeter where identification was provided by surveillance video and/or the survivor of the attack.

The purpose of releasing this information is to discourage men from seeking out women’s shelters anywhere in Ukraine as targets to exploit for young women to kidnap. Prosecution of trespassers will be with extreme prejudice and an armed response, in the event, and post-event, if that applies.


Military weapons used against Public
Military weapons used against Public as in Myanmar. Human rights watchdog group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) reported  on 21 August 2021 that the military junta in Myanmar has killed over 1,000 civilians since seizing power in February. The AAPP group is widely cited in the international press and has a rigorous process for verifying incidents. In its announcement, AAPP noted that the actual number of civilians killed by the military is likely much higher than reported. In addition to those killed, 7,338 have been arrested and 5,730 are still being detained in horrible conditions, according to AAPP. While much of that number comes from the months immediately after the coup, the military—locally known as the Tatmadaw—is continuing its campaign of violence to this day, raping and killing women and children in the most violent manner. The Tatmadaw has long been the main force of persecution in Myanmar, engaging in protracted military campaigns against ethnic and religious minorities across the country. As it solidifies its grasp on power using terror tactics, the attacks on women and ethnic minorities are likely to increase.



Mothers and other women must fight back against these Taliban bastards

In Kabul as the Taliban tell lies about human rights, the Secretary General of the United Nations is freaking out and Joe Biden whose country also invaded Afghanistan, made a mess, then fled like rats leaving a sinking ship. Biden is shrieking at reporters and lying his face off saying that is not true and that American men should not be at risk in Afghanistan. Then why did America make the promise? Once a country invades another, it must leave in good condition? Not America? For America, anything goes? What’s the difference?

The Taliban are doing home invasions, raping little girls they have kidnapped, while claiming them as wives of 9 to 15 years of age and murdering moms who refuse to cook them meals during home invasions. These bastards are the enemy. DO NOT kid yourself for one second. Kill or be killed, murderous men authoritarians must be stopped and driven from the land. It will take a long campaign of resistance to wear them down but eventually their power over women and children will vanish as mothers fight back, hard. This applies to wherever men are using military weapons against ordinary women and kids in order to control a population.


Surreptitious Resistance Tactics for Afghanistan’s Women

The goal is to make life difficult for the Taliban, al Qaeda, ISIL etc. to conduct their criminal activities against the women and children of Afghanistan.

The enemy is all about power and control over the weakest most vulnerable parts of society and the theft of the illegal drug trade and conducting the crime of human slavery.

These criminals believe that if they bully you badly they will get seventy girls to rape in heaven as a prize. That’s how they think. They get nothing if they are either killed or humiliated by women.

These criminals believe that women are ‘dirty’ and that they have womanly parts that are evil.

Remember this, Mr. Taliban murderous pig: every bad thing that happens to you in your life was wished on you by a woman. Go wherever you go with that in your tiny mind and believe  that hell awaits you.

Wherever you may go, you may be in the ReaperTeam’s sights. There will be no heaven and your memory will only be a pink mist.

Remember girl, that Afghani men are cowards who allowed the Taliban jihadists with their insane 12th century extremist Sharia Law to overthrow a democratic society that functioned quite well. These men will not fare well as part of the resistance unless by blood and a lifetime of knowing the good ones can you believe that they can be trusted, and even then, don’t trust an Afghani male.

Women must resist. Rise up agauins the murderers.
It is time to reinvigorate the women’s resistance. Do you really want to go down without a fight? Do you really want to let these bastards rape the little girls? Do you really want to be ruled by these heathens?

The Taliban have been targeting villagers all over the country for years like rats stalking a baby in a carriage in a slum gutter area. They are indeed lowly rats who only know rape and other violence, blood and gore. The preponderance of psychopaths among the Taliban male population is staggering.

How can a boy possibly grow up with a whole mind when from the start of life he is taught by the father to revile the mother because she is female.

Reviling women is against God and nature because the baby boy comes from the mother’s womb and is attached to the mother through the umbilical chord for nine months and spiritually for a lifetime.

To teach boys to revile the beautiful miracle, a mother, at the other end of the umbilical chord, is to destroy the human empathy, a third dimension of feelings that is with all natural, caring, loving and sane human beings.

Teach the boy child as well as the girl child to love the mother and respect the mother as an equal human being to all humans. Teach love of real three-dimensional empathetic humans but defeat those who lack empathy and are only good for killing. Allah is not a murderer but a God of love. Those who are not like the loving God are not persons of Allah.

We are not those people. We are the strength of the Afghan community, we are its women.

My security organization has helped thousands of women in the past but we have also watched through sniper scopes as twenty women stand in line waiting to be raped and killed during the Islamic State Caliphate days in Syria and Iraq, and during the Taliban days of yesteryears, while those women are only guarded by three ISIS or al Qaeda or Taliban. Fight for your lives, for God’s sake. Allah did not wish this for you. These Taliban are deviant serpents from the depths of hell who in the early days defied the will of God and went the wrong path.

Don’t be stupid. Five or more women can overtake and destroy the few men who try to organize a gang-rape party. Remember to punch, kick or stab their testacies (gonads)  in their crotch, their throats or their eyes, whichever is the closest striking distance,  or all.

Always carry a stone in a sewn pocket or in the hand at all times when away from the safety of home or when the home is invaded by Taliban. The stone must be large enough to fill your hand. This will be a weapon if you are attacked. Of course if you have a handgun, that would be better if you know how to use that as a weapon. The stone is less noticeable and has other uses like grinding grains and vegetables. Knives are not much good as weapons for women because if overpowered, the weapon is used against the woman.

  • Resistance is about attacks that are least expected.
  • Resistance is about being a nuisance without identification.
  • Resistance is about making it difficult for psychopaths to stay and be cruel, to rape, maim and kill.
  • Resistance is about making the invaders leave.

Two things:

  1. Surprise, and
  2. Blunt heavy objects delivered with maximum crazy force.

When confronted by an attacker, always use the folded hand position. Clasp your hands together in front of and between your breasts.

Practice often what I say next.
  • Clasp your hands together in front of and between your breasts. Lean slightly forward at the same time raising your right elbow very hard and fast forward and upwards to strike the attacker under its chin. In your mind, think of raising your elbow higher then the attacker’s head, from under the chin, while taking the chin and head as high as the top of the creepy one’s head.
  • As the chin goes up and back with that force, lift your same side knee up, slightly left, hard and fast to strike the attacker in the crotch, crushing the testicles.
  • As the attacker bows down in pain, bring down your elbow hard and fast against the back of the attacker’s neck.
  • If that opportunity is not availed, it is time to reach for a weapon like a pan or any thing heavy and clout the attacker’s head. If that is not availed, it is time to run to safety as fast as possible.

Just remember that if you don’t take action, you die. When twenty women attack five captors, the captors lose. If you think that some women will die in the attack, make sure it is not you by being as extreme as possible in your actions. Throat or eyes. Attack. Help sisters. Then, run to safety.

The magic of Super glue. Yes. Superglue the door locks in their Hilux and other truck ‘technicals’ at night.

Using a tube of superglue, preferably that type which is intended for metal but any superglue will work, insert the opened tip of the glue container into the door lock or door handle and squirt all the glue from one tube for each  into each lock or handle, starting with the driver’s side. Wear gloves if possible to avoid harming the hands.

Another use for that  superglue: Pushing a wad of newspaper into a gun barrel and then squirting the superglue into the gun barrel to soak into the wad of newspaper will by morning create an exploding breach mechanism of the gun. If the glue has not cured, the weapon will fail to work properly anyway.

Also: squirting the superglue on the bullets in the ‘magazine’ holder of bullets will cause the gun to not work.

Slowly and carefully insert a knife or sharpened nail into  the sidewall of all the tires of terrorist’s truck ‘technicals’.

For this resistance work, a very strong and sharp knife is needed. Instead, a long, sharpened spike can be made to work. Crouch down very low while wearing full black hijab at night. Wear a double glove on your hand with the knife and carefully insert the tip of the knife pushing it deep into the tire rubber at the side as close to the metal rim as possible. Remember to put the knife sideways, flat, sharpest edge pointed to the front of the vehicle,  with the wide part of the blade parallel to the ground. Push the knife very deep into the tire. There may not be a big reaction after the knife is pulled out, just a slight hissing sound. It may take a while for the tire to go down. Don’t wait. Go to the next tire.

Kill your captor in their sleep.

Using a case-cutter or a very sharp straight razor, cut the neck of the sleeping salafi jihadist who has done murder and is likely to murder you.  Cut the neck about two centimeter deep hard and fast from just under the ear, on either side of the head, left or right, is OK, and around to the front of the Adam’s apple (the bulge on the front of the male terrorist murderer).

You should use a very fast and hard cutting action. Imagine that you are cutting the leg off a chicken. Make sure you do not put your other hand in the direction of your cutting action. It is best to hold your knife with two hands if able. You can practice on an eggplant.

We will be in the shadows, more as time goes by. We are already in the shadows but not as much as will soon be the case.

The scourge of male tyranny against women and girls has spread across Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and too many more places to name.

For those women who remain in the country of the rapists and murderers, anonymous resistance is important. But I agree that it is OK to leave the country to a better one with the children if that is possible. Your first duty is to be a good mother to your children and to do that you must stay alive and healthy. Flee tyranny if you can. There is nothing to be ashamed of in doing that. Bless you, sisters.

We are not without successes.

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