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Be a warrior. Fight for the safety of women and children.May 15, 2017

Be a warrior protecting women & children from sexual violence–a warrior hero fighting for the safety of children and their families.

March 10, 2017

It’s Over In Mosul
Victory to Abadi
and Americans.
Thank you.

  1. Mosul is now a more dangerous city than ever.
  2. Clean-up is underway.
  3. Get out.
  • Do not drink water you do not know its source.
  • Read how to treat water-borne illness
  • Contact your MuR Street Captain.
  • Make a plan to leave and head south to a UN Camp in LARGE GROUPS ONLY. Don’t go alone.
  • Keep your family together. (Men will be detained.) Don’t panic. Try and wait while that takes place for questions but you may become separated.
  • Your destination is First Checkpoint then go where you are told.
  • There are  Nineveh, Duhok or Erbil camps. You will be told which one at checkpoints.
  • WARNING: Men will be detained and questioned. Be polite. It’s OK. Be open and honest. You are not Daesh. You did nothing wrong. Your government was Islamic State since June 2014 and you did what it took to survive. You win. Stay out of the politics. STFU
  • If you know where a Daesh is hiding, that will be the first thing you will tell any Iraqi Soldier you meet.
  • Do not speak with non-uniformed men. Half are Daesh, others are roving looters.
  • Stick to main roads in large groups.
  • Carry white flags. You are being watched from above.
  • No celebratory gunfire. Do not have a weapon.
  • Do not be an idiot and carry any kind of  weapon, carry your sick and wounded. Try and get to the Iron Bridge.
  • Help each other.
  • Your lives are in grave danger.  Daesh plan a scorched-earth. That means suicide attacks to destroy everything in Mosul, especially you.
  • Men must carry ID but make sure women and children keep their own on their person as you will be separated. Come home when the all-clear is sounded at your camp where you are going.
  • MuR (Mosul Underground Resistance) is officially disbanded. May God always be with you all.
  • If you have any questions or need info you may email [email protected]

January 30. 2017

January 27, 2017

We have have been quiet while the Iran-Puppet Iraqi government invaded a portion of Mosul driving the Islamic State fighters into the West end where they inflicted horrors on the Mosul population not yet killed by Iraq’s bombers and artillery shells.

“Get rid of those Sunni Muslims in Mosul,” Tehran told Baghdad’s  parliamentary clowns between bouts of face-slapping and belly-bumping fights.

Iraqi CTS have been doing just that. Slaughtering civilians and putting on a show with pictures of themselves handing their kid a candy saying “see how good we are to civilians”.  You hide nothing. Who cares?

Muslims killing Muslims. It’s a no-brainer I like that. I’ll bake a fuckin’ cake for the winner.

But you are killing Christians and Jews. Read the fucking bible. You want a hornet’s nest on your ass, piss off Jewish  or Christian women? You dick-rubbing wankers are mushroom fertilizer.

We can open up on the Shia motherfuckers after the 100 of us finish shooting IS wankers in the backs of their heads as they drool on their weapons, their bleeding brains zonked on Captigon meth. You invaded the wrong  building on Nabi Jorjis ave.

Go ahead and complain to my editor about my cursing lack of sensitivity for Radical Islamic Rapists. Oh wait. You can’t. You killed Gila. So I kill you pigs and cook your flesh on my Sterno can and feed the dogs. Remember that one that bites you at   Bashtabya? My big dog. Hah hah.

Remember Sunday, in front of Ibn Sena I walked up to your Emir and blew off his chin and the top of his head?

Remember the two skinny Mujahedeen at the tunnel entrance beside the stinky brown sofa? The red candle jar broken in his face and “fuck you” written in his blood on the wall over his partner’s head? Me.
You not just killed Muslims but also killed Christians and Jews.  We have united for revenge. You Daesh will die, you worthless shit-skull skin-bags-of-puss.

We killer-cunts are coming for you “shit-for-brain-maggots”. Each bullet I fire into your skulls I have dipped into my twat so that God knows you are killed by his girl. Killed by woman is your justice. The bullet enters your skull from behind and exits taking most of your face with it. You will feel horrible pain for a second and then an empty warmth and then THE FIRES OF HELL you fuckin pig. Allahu Akbar الله أكبر HE loves his girls and will hate you for what you have done to his humanity.

October 30, 2016

The town of Hamam al-Alil south of Mosul and the downtown core of Mosul has a swelling number of Nineveh citizens forced from their homes in surrounding areas. They are barefoot, hungry and terrified. We are sneaking as many as possible to shelter but are completely over-capacity. They have been flowing into the core of Mosul for the past 30 hours. At the same time we are told by a traveller that Hamam al-Alil has grown from 20k to about 50K or more. These are persons from various villages surrounding Mosul within thirty to forty kilometres. People have nowhere to go; they have no shoes so escape is near impossible; and they are hungry. Many are just randomly killed by ISIS. There is no safe corridor for their egress from Mosul. Medical staff are trying to fulfill requests for critical care patients such as diabetes and heart meds. Daesh do not know this and the fact that many women are set up to ambush takfiri and violate their dream of meeting Allah. They will go to hell if killed by a woman.

October 28, 2016 – Moslawis MUST Make A Plan To Leave Mosul

The Enemy is not just the Takfiri.
Mosul is being invaded by a collection of militias some of whom have malicious intentions against you. Some want to rob you. Some want to kill you. Some want to save you from something they believe is wrong.

Many armed people in the city will invade your home and kill you for little or no reason.

Mosul Underground Resistance members will be active and so will the invading militias. Fighting people and bullets will be flying everywhere chasing Daesh fighters in and out of residential areas. Bombs will be dropped. A bloody mess is ahead.  Daesh will try hurt everyone. If Daesh try to round you up and take you somewhere, you are going to be killed. The second you have them outnumbered, attack them and flee. Don’t be walked down streets to another tunnel entrance and then be killed. That is happening now.

Some invaders are just ordinary Middle East men who as usual are armed, angry and killing people. They don’t want to die either and they will be suspicious, angry and afraid. They are well armed and when you see them they have already killed. Many combatants are not wearing recognizable uniforms and may dress just like you.

If you stay in Mosul you may look like a salafi jihadist to the invaders and you may have a Daesh with his arm around you, looking like your pal, and another with a gun to your kid’s head out of sight. Who knows?  Who will the soldier shoot. Daesh hide among you.

You need to be very careful who you trust. Talk to your street captains and ORGANIZE a departure from Mosul in as mobile a group as possible. Lightly arm yourselves if you want but remember a can of food is a weapon you can eat.  The same is true of some water containers.  You are not resistance fighters when you hit the road. You are evacuees–displaced individuals.

Careful Speed
Go swiftly and discreetly. If a Mosul Underground Resistance (MuR) unit is willing to accompany you to exit the city, good, but that is not you so carry your kid, your food or your water, not a gun. Go fast. Pack and travel for speed.

Leave Mosul carefully, invisibly and fast. Everything you do must be aligned to this goal.  Worry less about where you are going and more about surviving at each moment. You are going to rely on other people once you are out. Make a white flag. Stick it in a pocket.  It is the international symbol of no-conflict.

  • DO NOT carry any weapon while carrying a white flag or while you are an evacuee.
  • DO NOT do any kind of celebrity gunfire, ever.
  • DO NOT let your men wear camouflage clothes or military tunics. You are evacuating civilians! Be what you are.


  • Stay together.
  • Bring your medicines and first-aid kits.
  • Bring food. Bring your cash and personal documents–all your personal documents in a waterproof satchel or envelope or plastic bag. Wear it under your shirt. (Remember: Do not lose your life over money but it could help you and your family down the road. That’s the honest truth.)
  • Always protect your children and the weaker members of your group. What goes around comes around.

It is time to leave Mosul for now. Maybe you can rebuild it. So far in this war, the cities have been bombed to rubble. Don’t be rubble.

The best route so far is to the NW.  That could change ten minutes from now. Sorry. Talk to your street captains. If your neighbourhood has none, appoint one or be one.

You may want to go all the way to the  Turkish border or stay in Rojava region. If you go to the Turkish border be sure to tell the border staff that you are from Mosul and seek asylum.

Route and method is something you need to discuss with your street captain. Be prepared to make changes.

Remember that if you are alive you can survive for a long time by yourself in the wilderness of Syria and Iraq. You must be alive to do that. You must learn to help each other and to share.

As you go, make contact with any UN humanitarian organization you encounter and ask for help.

un-refugees Look for this UNHCR symbol.

I want to stay in Mosul.
Getting killed because you want to try to protect your personal wealth is a stupid decision. Think of your kids and the value of any amount of extra time on Earth with them and other members of your family. Every precious drop of life is worth all the money in the world. Stay alive. Survivors have a lot to offer the world. Be a survivor.

Depending on where you are in this sprawling city, the type of home you have and pure luck, hiding in your cellar might work to keep you alive. For sure you are safer in a displaced person camp as an evacuee.

But it probably staying in Mosul will not work out for you if the IS decide to gas low lying areas or go door-to-door and shoot up you and your home.

I believe that horrors lie ahead but I also can see scenarios that include Daesh departure and not harming a hair on anyone’s head. Do you want to roll the dice? An American 500 pound bomb or bigger or the explosion from one nearby might be what kills you. Or an invading soldier looking to rob you may be startled by you cowering in the basement and kill you.

Get out of hell. Come back to Mosul after the all-clear. Tune radio, TV, internet and learn. Communicate with the people you trust. Talk to your neighbours. Find the street captain. Make your plan. Decide on a time. Choose what to carry. Lock your home up. Go.

Mosul Underground Resistance
Their lives are always in danger. If you know somebody, talk to them specifically about YOUR AREA’s best strategy for evacuation. There may be a group leaving soon that they know about and you can join.


This is war. Everything changes minute by minute. From now on the changes will be for the worse and the rate of change will continue to increase for a while.

Safe Corridors
Listen for news of safe corridors. By international law the invading armies must provide safe passage for civilians. So far that has not happened but it may and if you ask for that you are entitled to have safe passage. Demand help from invaders.

If you are sick. Leave Mosul by any means you can. We KNOW Daesh intend to kill medical people and to destroy hospitals and clinics. This has begun. At the time of writing several hospitals in the region have closed or have been destroyed.

If you are carrying a sick person, immediately report the condition to soldiers or aid workers you meet and you will be given a priority. The same applies to pregnant women, seniors and the ill.



October 15, 2016 
Too late. You die, Daesh. There is no point to running to the East and surrendering. We the people of Mosul are going to tear you to pieces and throw you into your own mines.


Put the green gasoline in the red tunnel exits. 

October 11, 2016 –
Happy #RiseUp Month. Now it is do or die time.
It is time to fight the Daesh in any way you can. #RiseUp Moslawis. By now you have heard of the many activities conducted by the brave Mosul Underground Resistance. (MuR) These activities include raids, assassination, internet attacks against Daesh accounts, sabotage of Daesh ground systems, destruction of Daesh suicide cars and bombs, poisoning their water and food, reporting their activities, running them over in trucks and cars, putting poison in their Captigon, defacing their name on our buildings that they stole, and planting little explosives all around in their tunnels.

Now, you do your share and save your own life.

If those 70,000 military scewballs  down there come in here we are all dead, I promise you that.

But if we can bash these ISIS scumbags here in the city, and drive them out, it’s over. We can rule our own city for a while. Atheel al-Nujaifi and some of our former police and representative might help but we need to solve some of our own problems.

Find the raping, murderous IS Jihadist pigs in Mosul. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him.

Look, Moslawi, wake up! There are 700,000 people in Mosul and 2000 Daesh. Support your fellow citizens in their courageous fight against these murdering bastard lunatics you allowed to take over your life. Get off your duffs. If you don’t you will die in a bloody invasion by another type of murdering bastard lunatic men.

Warning to women not to Join Daesh

August 19, 2016 – Be Sure To Read “The Day That ISIS Used a Daesh Woman in a Daesh Video to Lure Kids to the Jihad”


#RiseUp Aginst Daesh! All the WOMEN in the world HATE YOU, Daesh. Every resident of Mosul must take control of their own street and community to remove the Daesh. They may not enter | they may not leave alive. Know your neighbors. Block your street and control who enters. Your steel pipe, clubs, bats, guns, knives, razors, swords, rocks, axes, shovels, pitchforks, irons, pots, pans, a can of food, hammer, lamp and glass bottles are all weapons. Wear protective gear like thick gloves, motorbike helmets, bicycle helmets, leather jackets, leather clothes, denim clothes, steel-toed footwear, and eye protection. Arm yourselves. Whatever happens to Mosul is on the people of Mosul! 
Contact @TheReaperTeam
YouTube Public Version Of This Video

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Iraq has failed us. It is now up to you and me to make this work. We need to evict Daesh from Mosul.

Read these instructions carefully. اليوم قادم.

Every MuR captain and vigilante resistance supporter must take control of their own street and community to remove the Daesh. They may not enter | they may not leave alive.  Know your neighbors. Block your street and control who enters.  Your steel pipe, clubs, bats, guns, knives, razors, swords, rocks, axes, shovels, pitchforks, irons, pots, pans, a can of food, hammer, lamp and glass bottles are all weapons. Wear protective gear like thick gloves, motorbike helmets, bicycle helmets, leather jackets, leather clothes, denim clothes, steel-toed footwear, and eye protection. Arm yourselves.

1-22-2015 1-22-2015-2

اقرأ هذه الإرشادات بعناية. اليوم قادم.

عندما نينوى والموصل يصبح اثنين، كل قائد المر والمقاومة الاقتصاص مؤيد يجب السيطرة على الشارع بهم ووالمجتمع لإزالة Daesh. لا تستطيع دخولهم | قد لا يترك حيا. تعرف جيرانك. منع الشارع الخاص بك ومراقبة من يدخل. الخاص بك البنادق والسكاكين وشفرات الحلاقة والسيوف والحجارة والفؤوس والمجارف والعصي، والحديد، والأواني والمقالي، علبة من المواد الغذائية، مطرقة، مصباح والزجاج والزجاجات كلها الأسلحة. ارتداء الملابس الواقية مثل القفازات، وخوذات الدراجات النارية وخوذات الدراجات، والسترات الجلدية، الملابس والجلود والملابس الجينز والأحذية الأصابع الصلب، وحماية العين. تسليح أنفسكم.

 اليوم قادم.


Bridge repair from superficial damage completed 01-25-2016

1-22-2015-4 1-22-2015-5


December 29, 2015

Let’s be blunt about the truth. The Iraqi military sold out two million people in Mosul in June of 2014 (if not before) and are not welcome back because they are a grave threat to the citizens of Mosul.
If  invading forces are attempting to rape and kill medical staff or patients in Mosul they will come under our fire and whatever methods and weapons we can bring to the endeavour of defending our protectorate.
Since the days of Iraqi military control of Mosul (the last invading force here) Iraq has  lost control of its military to Iranian Shia Militia straw dogs at the command level. That could change at any time with an overthrow of the government in Baghdad. In short, the situation in Mosul was worse under Baghdad control (horrendous abuses of the public purse and curtailment of civil rights) than what it has been of late under ISIS. That situation promises to be worse given the downward spiral of the Iraqi military and government.139574Image1
The consensus in Mosul among the general population regarding the Iraqi Iranian-Controlled-Militia ‘Military’ is stay the hell out of Mosul. Mosul is better off under ISIS control than it would be having an Iranian Militia massacring the Sunnis in the city and a return to the hallucious rule of a corrupt Baghdad government.
There is a unified fighting force we call “The Mosul Freedom Brigade” comprised of former Mosul police officers and soldiers, originally formed by the former governor of Mosul, Mr. Atheel al-Nujaifi, and it been training for many months not far from Bashiquah.
This “Mosul Freedom Brigade” has been supported by Turkish and Peshmerga forces for over a year. Estimates of its strength peg the numbers at around 7,000. Hopefully the Turks and the Peshmerga would lend a hand and match those numbers.
“The Mosul Freedom Brigade”, in all its elements and aspects is trusted by the people of Mosul, many of whom are Kurdish and many of whom are Turkish families dating back to the time of the Ottoman empire.
Many of “The Mosul Freedom Brigade” former police officers and soldier members have family in Mosul. They are not going to hurt the civilians of Mosul.
The Peshmerga are long time neighbours of the people of Mosul and many of “The Mosul Freedom Brigade” Kurdish members have family in Mosul. They are not going to hurt the civilians of Mosul.
In the event and in the aftermath, only this carefully crafted brigade has the entitlement and the chance of success.
The Iraqi military sold out two million people in Mosul in June of 2014 (if not before) and are not welcome back.

December 12, 2015
Message to the Jihadists of the Caliphate in Mosul.
Have you noticed that I have been using saboted rounds to kill you from a greater distance? Cool isn’t it. That’s why you can’t figure out the calibre.

This is some wicked technology available from Israeli Weapons Industries. It’s only available to you as targets. Using data gathered on three axis calculated by computers on the fly I am able to preplan the trajectory and make modest changes in-flight. Why? I have tapped into your street camera system and use the data to shoot around corners (only 15 degs. so far) and kill you even slightly out of line-of-sight. A laser-beam-rider bullet–and you Daesh called me stupid.

Dudes, your Commanders and Emirs are not quitting, they are being killed on the streets, their corpses picked up and disposed of. You know where. You can smell them.

You are being killed by women using Jewish weapons technology. Future historians and Allah will know the truth: what losers you are.

You stupidos killed 32 of our friends and 100 of their other friends. We were getting used to leaving you alone. Now blow back on this is going to hurt you badly. As you know, we are at thirty kills on the brigade-revenge and we will not stop until the next 102 leaders and friends drop to their death in Mosul.

Stop spreading stories about defections. They are decedents and you are next, shit-for-brains.  Don’t run away. Don’t desert. I want you. Dead.

December 10, 2015
Daesh women in Mosul are being given IUS. This is suggested for all women.

December 3. 2015

November 13, 2014
#PorteOuverte – This is an attack not just on Paris, not just on the people on France, but an attack on all humanity and the universal values we share


Nov. 12 Statement from our Protectorate

We are nurses who were overtaken in #Mosul by #ISIS just like the rest of the population starting June 4, 2014. In the year and many months that followed, our security guards came to know the patients and decided to try and help them because they are being brutalized by the oppressors.

These oppressors are salafi-jihadis and are typically failed lives with deep personality disorders. They are sad but aggressively violent brainwashed individuals believing a certain intellectually dishonest collection of violent thoughts and beliefs just like some of the extreme religious cults that can be found in the United States mid-west in the backwoods.

 They have a bureaucratic oppression style that uses death, amputation, stoning, crucifixion, and whipping as enforcement for tax collection, dues, tithing, common law enforcement, religious adherence enforcement, and security against activists and vigilantes who oppose the brutal totalitarian regime of the Muslim salafi-jihadis.

#ISIS will never voluntarily give the people their freedom, the oppressed must demand that. We are eagerly teaching people to fight using crude devices and to kill the Daesh who have moved into their streets. If you or your family have any good bombing targets where Daesh are and there are no neighbours (innocent civilians) give me the coordinates and I will have that bombed. Meanwhile, nobody is going to throw out the Daesh except the people of Mosul who are the same ones who voted by their actions to allow Daesh to be their government and their oppressors.

The people of Mosul need to get off their chairs and kill the Daesh from their neighbourhoods because Daesh are embedded in every aspect of Mosul life. Everything seems to be completely integrated. If Mosawlis don’t push out the few hundred actual ISIS jihadists then in about three months or so the Iraqi armies controlled by shia militia will come into the city shooting everyone meanwhile the Daesh will retreat toward Tal Afar or Raqqah or Ramadi and they will as they go unleash Tabin, Sarin, Soman and Vx gas into the city from the trenches.

If a person thinks they will be one of the lucky ones who survive without too much harm to their nervous system and without too much pain in the recovery process, then by all means sit back and wait for an invading army. Those are the choices people have: live with Daesh until an army comes and kills randomly thousands of people, or in the alternative kill off the few remaining hundred ISIS and walk free. Nobody in the world is responsible for what happens to the Mosawlis except the Mosawlis. sad, but true.

We will stay and help as long as that is practical. We are operating as medical support for the resistance movement in addition to our regular operations. We are doing the best we can to do the right thing but one way or another; we are leaving Mosul this year. Hopefully it will be #FreeMosul when that time comes.

November 11 Message to ISIS

Msg to in : You will be overcome and gathered together to Hell and wretched is the resting place. Cain killed Abel with a rock.

#riseup instructions for Nov 7, 2015:

Find the raping, murderous ISIS Jihadist pigs in Mosul. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him.

Read these instructions carefully. اليوم قادم.

Every MuR captain and vigilante resistance supporter must take control of their own street and and community to remove the Daesh. They may not enter | they may not leave alive.  Know your neighbours. Block your street and control who enters.  Your guns, knives, razors, swords, rocks, axes, shovels, pitchforks, irons, pots, pans, a can of food, hammer, lamp and glass bottles are all weapons. Wear protective gear like gloves, motorbike helmets, bicycle helmets, leather jackets, leather clothes, denim clothes, steel-toed footwear, and eye protection. Arm yourselves.

عندما تصبح نينوي و الموصل منطقة واحدة ..كل قائد رهط أو قائد مقاومة بالإضافة إلى المناصرين من الأحياء الشعبية يجب عليهم إحكام السيطرة على أحيائهم و مجتمعهم لإستئصال الداعش ..يجب أن لا تدعوا داعشياً يدخل أو يخرج حياً..يجب أن تعرفوا جيرانكم ..قوموا بغلق الشوارع لمعرفة من يدخل و يخرج ..تسلحوا بالمسدسات ..سكاكين . شفرات الحلاقة. السيوف و الحجارة و الفؤوس..و المجارف و العصي و الحديد ..الأواني و المقالي ..علبة من المواد الغذائية . مطرقة . المصابيح و القارورات الزجاجية كلها أسلحة ..ارتداء الملابس الواقية مثل القفازات و خوذات الدراجات النارية و السترات الجلدية أي شيء يحميكم مثل الملابس و الجلود و ملابس الجينز و الأحذية الصلبة لتحموا به اصابعكم و اعينكم ….سلحوا أنفسكم .

 اليوم قادم.


MOSUL UPDATE October 15, 2015

ReaperTeam Assassination List – Needs Updating But Whomever fills a slot is the “same as” target.

These people must die to protect most of mankind.

  1. Abdul Qader Hakim (Now Deceased)
  2. Abu Mohammad al-Adnani (Spokesperson)
  3. Abu Ayman al-Iraqi (Head of Military Shura)
  4. Abu Suleiman al-Naser (Replacement Military Chief)
  5. Abu Muslim al-Turkmani (Deputy Leader, Iraq)
  6. Abu Ali al-Anbari (Deputy Leader, Syria)
  7. Akram Qirbash (Top ISIL judge)
  8. Abu Omar al-Shishani (Field commander in Syria)
  9. Abu Muhammad al-Kadari (ISIL commander of North Caucasus)
  10. Abu Sayyaf (Senior ISIL economic manager)
  11. Abu Nabil al-Anbari (ISIL commander of North Africa)
  12. Muhammand Abdullah (Top ISIL judge in Derna)
  13. Salah BenaliAbu Faruq al-Libi
  14. Ali Al Qarqaa (ISIL Emir of Nofaliya)
  15. Ahmed Rouissi
  16. Abubakar Shekau (ISIL Emir of West Africa)
  17. Abu Mohammad al-Julani (Leader of the al-Nusra Front)
  18. Abu Humam al-Shami (al-Nusra Military Chief)
  19. Abu Muhammed al Ansari (al-Nusra Emir of the Idlib province)
  20. Muhsin al-Fadhli (Leader of Khorasan)
  21. David Drugeon (Bomb Maker)
  22. Abu Jaber
  23. Abu Yahia al-Hamawi

MOSUL UPDATE September 10, 2015
ISIS is Killing ISIS

The Islamic State Caliphate’s strength is reduced by some 150 persons in the past ten days. Fighting over the proceeds of child sex trade and who owns who; blaming insiders for giving information to “opposition:” and “coup-planners”; and plotting against the Caliphate are the favorite accusations made against victims of recent gutting of a downtown police station and ISIS fighters and bureaucrat rats from the supply and services department and the local Mosul counsel.

When ISIS came into Mosul on 10 June 2014, thousands of Mosul men and boys took to the streets and cheered the newcomers. We despise these people. They are the ones that ISIS summons with loudspeakers each time they want to have a gathering at the square by the government buildings. Then they stone women to death or behead people they don’t like. We have been blaming people like that for some of the MUR activities. And ISIS is killing them. You can tell that to ISIS too.

ISIS will never silence MUR and can only with each brutality increase the anger of MUR and the result will be a bad one for ISIS.

September 7, 2015

If you harm any of our girls again we will kill ALL of you

If you harm any of our female girls again we will kill ALL of you
If you harm any of our girls again we will kill ALL of you



September 3, 2015

Following the atrocities on the girls at the Al-Warithin Hotel the blowback will fall to Babel.

الخنساء-الفاسقات واء. إذا كنت تضر أي أنثى أخرى سنقتل كل واحد منكم. Kenji lives in me.


DABIQ 11 has been released, heralding the new Caliph, a woman and announcing the slow take-over of ISIS by Al Qaeda and a rogue JLGB Chapter from the U.K

Tell the world we need to stop ISIS
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10 June, 2015 One ISIS checkpoint had to be completely replaced by a MUR team who told the ISIS patrol that they were wanted in the city during the morning for 10th anniversary parade. They roared off to their home and beds and not a shot was fired.  In ten buses Christians and a few other representatives of Mosul’s ethnic minorities headed for new lives. 255 Families were evacuated from the city of Mosul by a NGO Humanitarian Organization with the assistance of MUR. double-decker-busses-baghdad-iraq-21072013 While ISIS celebrated in a haphazard manner, ten large buses (picture for illustration only) evacuated over 600 people from Mosul.

Mur was proud to be asked to assist and was truly impressed with the bravery and the quality of the people. Not a shot was fired as the bureaucratic ISIS prepared what amounts to nothing but a media event, the tenth anniversary of their taking Mosul.


9 June, 2015 – Bring rubbers, bring raincoat, bring fishing rod to relay race on saturday Morning.8
9 12 10922318_790810981007870_1068408633304816867_o 10922405_792001670888801_861531864608235921_o 11038648_830846580337643_7705792869371931780_n 11041897_790811001007868_9070480369739413231_o 11043337_792001837555451_3980846822218365517_o 11043349_792001784222123_868101901520701418_o 11053074_790811014341200_1847696175305029788_o 11063427_790813341007634_6621096307281445773_n

8 June, 2015 – ISIS chop heads and hands… *Guess What Mur Chops Off*
Happy Anniversary, Motherfuckers!
Left you a bag of goodies at the ISIS Five-Oh

reaperteam-dot.org016 reaperteam-dot.org017 reaperteam-dot.org018 reaperteam-dot.org021

2 June, 2015 – Beautiful Mosul under relaxed rules and less visible military presence.

But All Syriac Orthodox Christian Facilities in the Region are Threatened

Syriac Orthodox Christian Church Used as an ISIS C3I Installation

1 June 2015

ISIS Takes Steps to Counter the MUR11329921_779532758821643_5858852239406819529_n
1) ISIS IS demanding from internet providers a complete list of its customers and their usage statistics. Thousands of users are protected by the #riseup free WiFi project.

2) ISIS is minimizing the use of military vehicles and uniforms hoping to blend into the population. Some people have speculated this is a ‘human shield” ploy to endanger locals in a coming invasion. That’s stupid. There is no invasion coming but hundreds of ISIS fighters have been shot in the head or mysteriously disappeared at the hands of Mosul Underground Resistance.

Shiites Try To Create Booby-Trap For Sunnis Using The West

America was reluctant to lend its airborne forces to the battle to liberate Tikrit from ISIS in Spring 2015 but finally gave in when it was clear that the Iraqi Army was stalled in its attempt to liberate Tikrit from ISIS and needed to bring in Iranian troops and Iranian-backed Shiite militias.

The fear that the Shiite fighters would brutalize the Sunni population once Tikrit was liberated became reality. Ordinary citizens were slaughtered.

Hashd al-Shaabi, the powerful, pro-Iranian and Shiite People’s Mobilization militia has been blamed for violent reprisals since the fall of Tikrit. This militia is trained by Iran and  supported vigorously by Iraq’s so-called “central” sectarian Shiite government  in Baghdad which was only successful once the Iranian-backed troops arrived in Tikrit.

Animosity between Iraqi Shiites & Sunnis goes back decades.

The cost of Sunni rule to the Shiites over a couple decades was from .3 to 7 million Shiite lives. From 1991 to 2003 the atrocities committed by the Sunni central government under Saddam were legion.

Shiites in the south were abused brutally by the Sunnis and even during the post-2003 period since the “Bush-Victory-Speech”, the Sunni uprising was a calamity for the Shiites.

In recent past, the Shiite central government allows ISIS to have and to own Sunni cities of Fallujah, Mosul, Ramadi and many smaller places. The central government’s American-equipped Army literally walked away.

Baghdad now hope a coalition of American, British and Iranian forces will be lured by ISIS misbehaviour to demolish those Sunni cities killing as many as 500,000 Sunnis and displacing another 1.2 million over time.

If Baghdad’s Shiites don’t convince other nations to come and do the dirty work, the Sunnis seem prepared to adopt the Islamic State as its de facto Army and benefactor in the conflict with Shiite Iran and Iraq.

The Saudi-backed ISIS would be happy to establish a global Caliphate that puts the Sunni Muslims on top.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Islamic Revolution seeks the same thing for the Iranian Shiites. Which state will be the Muslim Vatican per se? Iran or Saudi Arabia? 

This rivalry started 1400 years ago and impacts 1600 million people who will follow the path that brings them the most likely opportunity for prosperity. Missteps will impact the world.

Following the Western European failure in Boznia-Herzogivia which caused the extermination of 500,000 Muslims by the Serbs, helped by the Russians, the Muslims of the world will not sit idly by and watch a Western coalition army killing Muslims in Mesopotamia.
If the Sunnis and the Shiites want to turn the Syrian civil war into their fight, to decide the sway in the Islamic Schism, diplomacy, trade embargoes, blockades and mamanagement of refugees is the only way ahead for the rest of the world. The alternative is WWIII.

The U.S. President has some smart advisers. They have pale faces.

 Read More… 

27 May 2015 – Guess what ReaperTeam did with Abu Alaa al-Afri’s body?
… And guess what’s for supper, Da’sh?

Our friend the butcher! You killed his wife and daughter. Before we smuggled him out of the city he chopped up Abu Alaa al-Afri and turned him into ground round patties. (With a little bacon.)
Our friend the butcher! You killed his wife and daughter. Before we smuggled him out of the city he chopped up Abu Alaa al-Afri and turned him into ground round patties. (With a little bacon.)


Barzani is talking about taking Mosul from ISIS if someone will give him a lot of weapons to help do that and …
ISIS is laughing at the world as it pumps out a campaign to demonstrate that Mosul is the best place on earth to live.

It actually is a  good place to be if you are a foreign fighter from Saudi or from Chechnya. Even Poland. The “regular” ISIS fighters and “religion cops”  are paid a pittance of what the Islamic State Foreign Fighters (ISFF) get. The ISFF are treated like kings, and they deserve to be as they are much better fighters than the “real ISIS”. At least, that’s what the ISFF have told us over American beers we share with them as they explain the movements of our key targets in exchange for our hiding their stolen loot in nice secret hiding places not even they can find. ISFF really live the life of luxury in Mosul. Plenty of good quality cocaine; great tobacco and the best wine and scotch liberated from the Iraqi General’s secret stores.

ISIS Draws Jihadi Brides to its
Syria & Iraq Capital Cities.

In the capital of the ISIS group’s self-proclaimed “caliphate”, Syrian fighter Abu Bilal al- Homsi was united with his Tunisian bride for the first time after months chatting online. They married, then passed the days dining on grilled meats in Raqqa’s restaurants, strolling along the Euphrates River and eating ice cream.

The 28-year-old al-Homsi got a particularly large bonus because his new wife is a doctor and speaks four languages.  According to a couple of the Chechen fighters in Mosul, she gave them great blow jobs after the wedding. It was from their social media activity that they met their homey’s wife, who admired their deep, thick, longer accents than that of the Syrian fighter groom, Abu Bilal al- Homsi an ISIS Regular (the Foreign Fighters get anything they want, including al- Homsi’s new Samsung Galaxy S6 which they stole and brought to Mosul along with his wife’s undergarments.)

It was all made possible by the marriage bonus Abu Bilal al- Homsi received from the ISIS group: $1,500 for him and his wife to get started on a new home, a family – and a honeymoon. Lovely. (The foreign fighters got their touch from Abu Bilal al- Homsi’s wife.)

It works the same way in Mosul at the Al-Warithin Hotel. (Formerly the Ninewah) where ISIS is treating new brides to a three-day marriage weekend  honeymoon, all expenses paid (meals included), in this luxury hotel which is about to be destroyed once we can get the sex slaves out (our friends, Yaziddi females who have been kidnapped and pressed into “comfort-services” for Jihadis. (ISIS regulars may have to share the Whirlpool with some big Chechen fighter named Brutus.)

ReaperTeam has filled the 
Al-Warithin Hotel with its own people.

Click the image for a close-up of the faces, CC.
Click the image for a close-up of the faces, (Cyber Caliphate) CC. Guess which one is our guy. The top left is obvious and so is the one above but you will never figure out the one to the left. We are sure you won’t kill them all.  You know why. So do we.

The-RINJ-Foundation-Mosul-Restaraunts-and-hotel-images005 The-RINJ-Foundation-Mosul-Restaraunts-and-hotel-images007

Epic Publicity Failure!

Talk about an epic failure in publicity and PR. ISIS has been trying to convince the world through picture essays in its weak-ass media outlets to say that restaurants in Mosul are booming. We took our own pictures. hmmm? At supper time!! Nobody there. Nice places. No customers. Dead restaraunt in weeks.

Click for close-up at supper time.
Click for close-up at supper time.
NOT a soaring suppertime trade. Basically, empty restaurants.
Suppertime. Empty seats spell epic disaster for ISIS public relations.

22 May 2015 — Survey
 Pay attention to reality.
The bombing is stopping in Mosul.  Yes there is some activity to the East but very little. American-led coalition is giving up on Mosul after the rout in Ramadi and Fallujah.

The Sunnis believe ISIS is a better governance for peace in Iraq than is the Kurds, Shiites, Sunnis. But the ISIS is not allowing the people to earn their own prosperity. If they fail in this, the tide will turn. ISIS is very greedy. The Sunnis see that clearly in Mosul and therefore will not fight the ISIS at this time, but the time will come. Meanwhile MUR can afford to fight a war of attrition in Mosul. MUR has a population base of over 700,000. ISIS has 4,999 and dropping at most.

20 May 2015 — INTEL UPDATE —

  1. Palmyra

    Palmyra, Syria now belongs to the Islamic State.  Some of the most beautiful and well-preserved ruins of antiquity face eventual destruction as forces loyal to Assad withdrew leaving Palmyra in ISIS control. Soon you will see archeological treasures on sale at E-Bay as the American owners of that site profit from the work of ISIS rogues and thieves as they loot the origins of “civilization” and murder their way across the Middle East of the Asia Continent.

  2. The Islamic State has now established almost complete control over the area from Palmyra to the Syrian-Iraqi border, into Iraq  north to include Mosul and south to within 70 kilometers of Baghdad, back outbound to Syria and onwards to the Syrian-Jordanian frontier.
  3. ISIS is not just probing but assaulting the route from Ramadi which it completely controls, to Fallujah which it completely controls, in order to join the two cities under its control and effectively surround Baghdad from the west.

19 May 2015 — INTEL UPDATE — Ramadan begins on the 18th of June this year and the Daesh are pushing all the buttons to exploit Ramadan for its military purposes.  During the month of Ramadan women in Mosul will be expected to remain in the house at all times and pray while men are allowed to work up to two hours per day.

Firas al-Bahri, an engineer from the TV station was killed today for not swearing allegiance to IS but there is some better news about that. We may have discovered the location of a dozen other people from the media that the daesh have kidnapped over the past 11 months. We will double check that. Action will follow if indicated.

ISIS Hasaba and Diwan brigades will be grown substantially in the first week of June as all the males graduating from high school are compelled to fight as part of the brigades. Full training for the graduating ‘kids’ starts after Ramadan.

ISIS Has yet to appoint a new leader but it is running short of brass at the top. The below chart used by The RINJ Foundation for proving the chain of orders leading to the allegation of  Daesh crimes of genocide is instructive.


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed by The Reaper
Abu Alaa al-Afri killed by MUR Reaper Team
Abu Sayyaf killed by USA Special Forces

City of Mosul  Harboured Daesh Spies Long Before 6/10/2014

ISIS infiltrated the Municipal government of Mosul long before the invasion.

IS has been involved in municipal departments, including the Municipality Directorate long before the fall of Mosul in June 2014. ISIS had members in all departments and institutions to blackmail the managers and employees in Iraq.

When the daesh arrived on Mosul on June 10, 2014, observers noticed many people were there to great them. Actually those were the advance teams of Daesh operatives who had become an underground pre-occupation force of ISIS.

Iraqi Army Helped ISIS

Equipment left behind by Iraqi forces in June 2014 included a lot of concrete blocks.  The services departments acted under IS orders to  dig deep trenches and use the Iraqi Army’s concrete blocks to build a wall around the city of Mosul.

ISIS has decreed that its Department of SUpply And Services has a critical strategic role to play. While fear is used to encourage a more efficient city work force, 80 lashings for a breach of responsibility also drives performance. The Daesh want people in the city to see positive  change. They do.

Mosul Flourishes under the Caliphate Thanks To Baghdad-Paid City Workers Who Are Flogged By ISIS to Keep A Cleaner City

Mosul has become cleaner than it was under the previous administration and the Iraqi government’s control, and its services have been improving.

City streets are being cleaned and paved for the first time in twenty years. Cracks are being filled; broken curbs are being repaired; trees along the boulevards are being pruned, cared for and new ones planted as needed.

City markets have been enhanced and those merchants not following the rules and paying ISIS heavy taxes are flogged.

Merchants must not extend their merchandise displays to the sidewalk or street-side as they did previously in their unkept market-bazaar type of environment dating back a dozen centuries.

Daesh-refined fuel oil is widely available at a good price.

Cell phone and internet towers have been smashed down but an NGO Group called The RINJ Foundation has salt and peppered the city with satellite antennas and WiFi using the identifier #riseup.

Better than before is the new motto for ISIS in Mosul. IS is gaining legitimacy and popular support by providing services that the former governments of Mosul failed to provide the people of the city in the past.

On 1 May Mosul Supply and Services Department helped reopen the Ninevah Oberoi Hotel, one of the most important hotels in Mosul, and changed its name to Al-Warithin Hotel which MUR seeks to destroy.

Mosul Supply and Services Department has declared that it would give newlyweds free accommodation for three nights in the hotel, meals included.

ISIS has opened the presidential palace built by Saddam Hussein for citizens to visit, contemplate the refined building, and sit in the beautiful gardens.  Ironically, American forces did the same thing in 2003 when the USA took Mosul.

The slogan repeated most often in ISIS propaganda is “Mosul Flourishes under the Caliphate“.

Baghdad Pays Kurds for Electricity to Give to Daesh in Mosul

Kurdistan Iraq’s power corporation at the Mosul damn is selling electricity for Mosul residents to Baghdad and this perpetual 200 megawatts of electrical energy has gradually restored power to more than 14 areas of the city.


ISIS Leadership Structure
ISIS Command, Control and Leadership Structure released by The RINJ Foundation

ISIS Fakes a Proof-Of-Life Baghdadi Tape after  MUR Kills Abu Alaa al-Afri

126945Image114 May, 2015  –Have you heard the old audio recording from the al-Furqan media agency of ISIS? They have released an audio file from early March in an attempt at proof of life.  The references to Yemen are vague and seem like the beginning of conflict there–maybe late February early March. This is the work of the al-Furqan media outlet

At the time the Reaper said she believed that it was Baghdadi she got. He doesn’t look like he does in his pictures. The images from the Mosque last June 2014 had a lot of makeup and a false beard plus some retouching. Take a close look at those old pics and you will see at the edges of his beard the ‘airbrushing’. When she got him it was an extremely difficult case because it was well guarded and remote.
Abu Alaa al-Afri who was Baghdadi’s former second in command was killed a couple days ago at the Ninewah hotel in Mosul. Dead.
ISIS has panicked and released an old audio tape of Baghdadi to make sure people don’t think they are leaderless.
The truth is that ISIS is run by a cabinet.

27 Days and counting to Happy Anniversary Da’sh!
Gonna be a party. You won’t like it, Da’sh. Meanwhile go pick another leader so the Reaper can wack that one too.

12 May, 2015  Explosions early morning either mean the Daesh are blowing up more mosques like this one.

The Da’sh-rats have the Ninewah hotel full of Yazidi girls and they make them turn tricks for the Daesh visitors.

They have gone to all the Christians and told them to get out of their houses and let the Foreign Fighters have their house.

Reaper List This Week:
Abu Alaa al-Afri – Deceased
Akram Qirbash – deceased (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – replacement)
Abu Doua Souri -deceased
Muyasser Al-Hamdani – deceased (tomorrow)
Tarkhan Batirashvili – he left for al raqqah but will be back

8 May, 2015 The Ninewah Hotel had a special guest last night. The explosives are planted.

This Ninewah Hotel in Mosul that the third-string tabloids have been raving about as a “five-star Islamic State Group Resort” has been used since August 2014 as a prison and brothel for Yazidi and Christian girls captured by ISIS.

Today it is no different. The Daesh have scraped off the pictures of booze and just painted them over with expensive laser reflective paint the contractor was given by MUR.

The stupid Daesh are stoned on cocaine and drunk inside raping Yazidi girls and using the hotel for visiting commanders and giving them children as “comfort women”.

At 5am on May 8 a MUR team killed two Daesh Jihadists at the SE corner of the hotel while they were fighting with a young girl who had tried to escape from the Boom Hotel.

Why are infidels fleeing? Because the MUR has published a warning telling all infidels to get out of the hotel which will be soon blown off the face of the earth.  Boom Hotel.

Several contractors in the hotel including the linen services are friends of the MUR. The HVAC contractors are former Iraqi soldiers; some are explosive experts.

🙂 GET OUT Infidels. It’s Boom Hotel

6 May, 2015 ~ 34 Days and Counting.

Possibly the most horrific crimes against humanity will be done against the Islamic State jihadists in Mosul by revenge-seeking Women!

The MUR are picking them off at more than one a day on average. Minimum one a day. Over 350 so far and that will be G-d knows what by June 10.

MUR have an anniversary bash planned for the Mosul Daesh worms and they won’t like it. The Christian MUR want some payback too.

Anybody with a Daesh fighter friend in Mosul tell them to get out and run. Many have already. Nobody will laugh. They need to drop their weapons and get the hell out fast because the people will be practicing before the tenth. The people are women; angry; nasty; pissed-off psycho-bitches-from-hell. For the Daesh, worse than being a vampire and having a wooden stake in the heart.

They are Yoshi’s tribe from the Sub-Continental jungles she learned her guerilla fighting tactics in. She, like the others are descendants of Fu Hao who served the Shang dynasty in the 12th Century as a high priestess and military general. Reputedly the most violent warriors in history their conduct focuses on male testicular vulnerabilities. They use bullets with their tips dipped in ancient poisons that cause the testicles to swell and expand rapidly until they explode. One would hope to be dead from the wound but bleeding from the torn arteries in the groin can not come fast enough to prevent the worst imaginable pain.

It’s disgusting what is planned for the Islamic State in Mosul for their anniversary. What is wrong with the human race. TZ is off his rocker letting Yoshi bring in those violent man-hating warriors. Oh well. The world is going to look the other way. Can’t say we didn’t warn them. hahahah They can’t figure out why they are dying off so fast.
heh heh Rise Up Sisters Of Mosul , RISE UP

5 May 2015 ~ The Plight of The Yazidis
IS killed many Yazidi in a camp near here on 1 May as a retaliation for our killing Baghdadi and to try and get the Yazidis to bow down to their wishes.

The Yazidis in these camps are among some 50,000 missing men, women and children. They are malnourished, beaten, deprived, abused in many other ways and struggling to survive.

In our response to these killings the very next day we revived a failed mission and moved out 95 Yazidi families from Mosul; we stole twenty of their trucks; we blew up one of their buildings full of their bodies we have been meaning to get rid of; and we are going to get revenge soon, meaning that was just a warm up. Touch one more Yazid and the blowback will be tenfold.

Most of the 800 people (down from 1200) under protection in Mosul are Yazidis. They are our families now. Mostly kids and moms. The Yazidis have been persecuted in a manner that is hard to fathom.

Well, ISIS must be held accountable but as many people have heard from the rumour mill and have seen from the Yazidi women’s videotaped evidence circulating on YouTube, Barzani’s Peshmerga has some things to answer to in respect of the atrocities committed against the Yazidi. (MUR has a strong loyalty (and provides protection) to the survivors of rape who are identified to us.) We believe the Republic of Kurdistan will prosecute those cases relating to the few Peshmerga soldiers who got out of line–or they will try and shove them under a rug. The latter won’t work.

Some of the soldiers who were there and witnessed this got upset and quit. They are like the vast majority of Peshmerga who would never do such a thing. They quit and joined the Christian Militia. They are our friends. (MUR has an exclusive loyalty (and provides protection) to the survivors of rape.) They told us everything. We already had many rape survivors tell MUR their story. Then we learned from the other side how it all happened.

Barzani was having a select few of his soldiers do commercial work for his business interests not far from the city of Sinjar. The soldiers moved some of Barzani’s business things because ISIS was advancing. Barzani promised and “gave” certain of his soldiers the Yazidi girls as comfort women and some cash as reward then he told the soldiers to get out of Sinjar presumably to hide evidence. He expected ISIS would destroy Sinjar and there would be no survivors to tell the story of his malfeasance. How do we know that? That is what some of his former soldiers have told us as well did some Yazidi female survivors.

But as history repeats itself again the Yazidis ran into the mountains and everywhere they scattered. Hence the story of Barzani’s escapades lived. The Republic of Kurdistan has agreed to investigate and to prosecute any criminals embedded in this corruption that they find. Barzani of course denies and is not likely to allow any kind fof investigation to proceed once he learns of this. In the alternative the cases will go before the ICC as war crimes. The latter is the most likely. MUR has an exclusive loyalty and provides protection to the survivors of rape. Read more.

4 May 2015 — Baghdadi is dead since late on the 23rd of April.  The Islamic State  (IS or Daesh) continues to lie about the Caliph’s demise while its leadership  struggles with the fact he was assassinated by a woman who had the confidence of persons unknown in order to gain access; and moreover IS has a problem with the selection of a leader to replace the deceased Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi .

Abu Alaa al-Afri, an IS notable, has been a rising-star, de facto 2IC for Baghdadi in the Iraqi city of Mosul for many months but his quasi-leadership has not been fully endorsed by the IS cabinet in al Raqqaah, the so-called capital (contested by Mosul) of the Islamic State. Because of severe internal squabbling over power, control, money and territory, the question of who will replace the leadership disabled in Baaj when a random air strike hit a convoy of vehicles, is not finished.

When Baghadadi’s condition was discovered early April 24 and pronounced dead following what was for sure a lengthy cardiopulmonary arrest late 23 April, and futile revival attempts  early that Friday, nobody knew what to do.

Background to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi‘s Demise
It should be said the MUR has some influence in that region over what and when air strikes take place but has little in the way of target acquisition and tracking equipment out that far from Mosul.  The work is very imprecise and intelligence has been hit and miss. Sorry. We can’t be everywhere. That’s all we can really say about that, for one reason because that is changing and the rate of change is accelerating.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was in bad shape when he died at the hands of a female who seized an opportunity to end the wanted man’s life. He was in the critical care realm and had some internal infections. It is surprising he lasted as long as he did.

Baghdadi’s life was put in danger when by ill fortune he happened to be among a group of senior IS cabinet and regional commanders in the small city of Baaj for talks, not too distant from Mosul.  Several incidental Jihadists including two drivers were killed in the attack but most of the important people were seriously injured and survived their initial trauma. Some to this day survive and are cared for by medical people from Mosul–very stupid and innately incompetent people who are blindly and zealously devoted to the Islamic State including a doctor previously from the University of Mosul’s  Medical College and other junior medical support staff family members and friends who in their day were marginal “C” students at best.  IS has not attracted the best and the brightest in the medical field.

For the most part, the conduct of the medical profession in Mosul has been much like an hysterical bunch of chickens. Most forgot their oaths and fled the city from the start. Others dither about who they will care for properly and many are out for themselves looking for ways to exploit the situation for personal gain. Many are zealous Daesh supporters or at least appear to be. A small few are aloof from IS and treat patients because that is what they do. These people are real heroes but those that we know don’t trust anyone and just go about their work taking care of patients. The IS treat them with both respect and disdain because they draw the line at  good, safe medical practice and the IS is forever pushing past those boundaries.

(We are going to talk about exporting organs for sale at some other point.)

One of Our Informants Inside ISIS (RIP)

Those guarding and caring for Baghdadi had been infiltrated as has been many of the IS units in the region. We have infiltrated the Daesh to some extent but mostly they are infiltrated by quasi-supporters who have since changed their minds but dare not speak loudly of that. These types are easily exploited but can’t be trusted. MUR exploits them when we can but seldom spare them in an ambush; firefight; or checkpoint scuffle. We would never leave them standing as the last man because they would be tortured, reveal our identity and jeopardize the lives of countless numbers of innocents.

You may as well know, we, MUR, take no prisoners and any media stories circulating about prisoners and torture is a lie. One news account suggested that the media had a photo of us kidnapping a Daesh person from a car but in fact the person was dead and we were getting the body out of the area. Usually we want no evidence of our activities.

Even if we are attacked or stumble into another gaggle of rogue foreign fighters conducting their theft and commerce schemes as they pillage Mosul, we stack the bodies and haul them in a garbage truck to buildings we intend to destroy by arson, air strike, or explosives.

The problem with the Ba’athists or Ba’athist descendants of Saddam Hussein’s era signed up by IS is that they can’t be trusted by the IS. The problem with the Ba’athists the Islamic State did not enlist is that we can’t trust them. We know people among them who have played both sides to meet their own ends. That’s how we found Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in April after his ill fortune in Baaj late March 2015. That’s how the Reaper was able to end Baghdadi.  Ba’athists. Nobody can trust them. Many of them are part of the Islamic State’s “Secret Service” in Mosul.

3 May 2015  — About 360 Daesh have been killed by MUR directly or indirectly over ten months. Repeatedly sticking that in their faces has demoralized them. It should. Their killers are phantom women. Their future is grim. They have taken the wrong path as fake Muslims and Allah has sent his warrior women to fetch Daesh to hell, the only destiny for fake Muslims who betray Allah and demoralize true followers of Islam. Allah is great; murdering, raping fakers are demons who will be killed by women and sent to hell. That is Allah’s wish for vile sinners like Daesh. Jihadist, any moment it could happen. Drop your weapons and run away. The Reaper is coming. Your fate is grim.


Another 95 families, mostly Yazidis and others who wanted to go, were evacuated from Mosul Friday night. Everybody got out with tons of belongings. Many had large trucks we stole from the Daesh.

This effort followed two failed attempts which has never happened before. On the second attempt the team got 40 people out in their own vehicles.

This most recent success goes a long way to relieving the load on our resources. Many persons went to Turkey. Other’s who had family in Kurdistan went to Dohuk and some went on from there.

All persons leaving were sworn to secrecy to protect those they left behind.


On Saturday, morning 2nd May, in Mosul, Daesh fighters were strafing rooftops in the city but did not attempt to climb to roof levels anywhere. (Or they would have been killed). As it was our people ignored this quasi-retaliation and prayed that none of our little satellite antennas providing the riseup wifi were damaged.



Mosul will only survive if Mosul Sunnis get off their asses and fight the Daesh. These Sunnis are so oppressed they are apathetic. They have been under oppression since 1991 and their Stockholm Syndrome is Schizophrenic.

The darkest place in hell is reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Dead

Your caliph was assassinated by a women.

The irony is that Baghdadi had no function at all and was no more than the equivalent of a Bollywood movie technical-advisor giving the Ba’athists who run IS in the “Cabinet” some key tips to help make it all look like they know something about Islam.

ISIS and Islam are strangers to each other and Baghdadi who was a credible scholar  provided the malignant psychopaths who run the Islamic State some concepts to use in their media acting.

Many people have witnessed ISIS militiamen smoking, drinking and snorting dope while preparing to punish citizens in Mosul for smoking, a breach of their variance of Sharia law.

Allah is truly great but the Islamic State is not. IS has no real concept of Islam whatsoever.

My killing this near-dead man, Baghdadi was an act of mercy as much as anything else. It also says that no member of ISIS is safe from MUR.

He deserved this death.

Baghdadi’s epic narcissism is what brought him out of his scholarly life into tyranny.

May he rot in hell for all the pain, loss, tragedy and disgrace he has brought humanity.



Leaders of the Islamic State have decided to establish secret police forces allegedly aimed at thwarting anti-ISIS resistance cells that have reportedly been assassinating the group’s emirs and officers.

These so-called secret police will be set out all over Mosul. They are reportedly allowed to shave their beards and even talk against ISIS, aiming to remain secretive. The force was established to hunt down anti-ISIS fighters who are apparently murdering ISIS leaders.

When asked for comment, The Reaper, “LHFAO”.


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