It’s Closing Time

January 27, 2017

We have have been quiet while the Iran-Puppet Iraqi government invaded a portion of Mosul driving the Islamic State fighters into the West end where they inflicted horrors on the Mosul population not yet killed by Iraq’s bombers and artillery shells.

“Get rid of those Sunni Muslims in Mosul,” Tehran told Baghdad’s  parliamentary clowns between bouts of face-slapping and belly-bumping fights.

Iraqi CTS have been doing just that. Slaughtering civilians and putting on a show with pictures of themselves handing their kid a candy saying “see how good we are to civilians”.  You hide nothing. Who cares?

Muslims killing Muslims. It’s a no-brainer I like that. I’ll bake a fuckin’ cake for the winner.

But you are killing Christians and Jews. Read the fucking bible. You want a hornet’s nest on your ass, piss off Jewish  or Christian women? You dick-rubbing wankers are mushroom fertilizer.

We can open up on the Shia motherfuckers after the 100 of us finish shooting IS wankers in the backs of their heads as they drool on their weapons, their bleeding brains zonked on Captigon meth. You invaded the wrong  building on Nabi Jorjis Ave.


Go ahead and complain to my editor about my cursing lack of sensitivity for Radical Islamic Rapists. Oh wait. You can’t. You killed Gila.

So I kill you pigs and cook your flesh on my Sterno can and feed the dogs. Remember that one that bites you at   Bashtabya? My dog! Hah hah.


Remember Sunday, in front of Ibn Sena I walked up to your Emir and blew off his chin and the top of his head?

Remember the two skinny Mujahedeen at the tunnel entrance beside the stinky brown sofa? The red candle jar broken in his face and “fuck you” written in his blood on the wall over his partner’s head? Me.
You not just killed Muslims but also killed Christians and Jews.  We have united for revenge. You Daesh will die, you worthless shit-skull skin-bags-of-puss.

We killer-cunts are coming for you “shit-for-brain-maggots”. Each bullet I fire into your skulls I have dipped into my twat so that God knows you are killed by his girl. Killed by woman is your justice. The bullet enters your skull from behind and exits taking most of your face with it. You will feel horrible pain for a second and then an empty warmth and then THE FIRES OF HELL you fuckin pig. Allahu Akbar الله أكبر HE loves his girls and will hate you for what you have done to his humanity.

Remember the Chechen you found with this banged into his scrotum? Yup. You guessed it. Me.