The hatred storm.

Women civilians suffer more violence than Soldiers. from The RINJ Foundation on Vimeo.

It’s a lie. ISIS is not defeated

A message from humanitarians behind enemy lines. This is what we see:

Since when is a group that kidnaps women and children given a “pass”? Since Donald Trump came to the White House?

ISIS’ plan: Conduct terrorist acts to
infuriate global populations counting on
horrible media ethics to get people everywhere to
blame Islam in a vile and hateful manner.

All the Muslims sitting on the fence will be driven
to support ISIS by this polarization done by
media and rabble rousers like Donald Trump.

Yes ..exactly !!

ISIL can increase membership drawing from and
exploiting 1.5 billion alienated Sunnis who
previously sat on the fence maybe with quiet
agreement with Sharia but the hatred for Islam by
the world’s stupidest people drives huge
numbers of Muslims into the ISIS camp and they
become silent, dangerous sleeper enemies.

Muslim membership is flooding the Caliphate
thanks to the haters of Islam.

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