Mosul/Nineveh Resistance to ISIL

If you know anyone in ‪#‎Mosul‬ pass the word: – When the Peshmerga Come into the city from the east, when American aircraft are bombing ISIS military, ‪#‎RiseUp‬ and take over your street, take back your community. Block your street and control who enters. Your guns, knives, razors, swords, rocks, axes, shovels, pitchforks, irons, pots, pans, a can of food, hammer, lamp and glass bottles are all weapons. Wear protective gear like gloves, motorbike helmets, bicycle helmets, leather jackets, leather clothes, denim clothes, steel-toed footwear, and eye protection. Arm yourselves.

ISIS Occupation of Mosul Iraq must end. The people of Mosul can do this.


Mosul/Nineveh Resistance


Tal Afar, Nineveh

This is the quintessential story of Mosul, Iraq.

Imagine a place

 – where hospitals have shortages of everything: instruments, effective laundry, sterilization autoclaves, alcohol, common size syringes, imaging techs, radiologists, anaesthesia–water! — blood!

– where realistic and paralyzing fear of death rules every person, every single day.

– where people will never be free.

– where an average of  15 people are beheaded or shot  every single day by the city government.

Welcome to Mosul, Iraq a city of normally about two and a half million people (2014 est.), now about 650,000, in northern Iraq, occupied since 10 June, 2014 by the Islamic State salafi-jihadi militant group therefore technically a major city in the self-declared Islamic State Caliphate and no longer part of Iraq or Kurdistan.

Since the predominantly Shia-Muslim-led government of Iraq in Baghdad cut off salaries to Mosul city workers including nurses, doctors, supply and services workers, road repair workers, waste management workers and other infrastructure roles, Mosul is completely run by the Islamic State Caliphate headquartered in Al-Raqqah, Syria.

Located some 418 km (Via Route 1) north of Baghdad the original city of Mosul stands on the west bank of the Tigris River, opposite the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh on the east bank, but the metropolitan area has grown to encompass substantial areas on both the “Left Coast” (east side) and the “Right Coast” (west side) as the two banks are described in the local language.

In the early 21st century, the majority of Mosul’s population was Arab, with Assyrian, Iraqi Turkmen, Yazidis and Kurdish minorities. Mosul’s population grew rapidly around the turn of the millennium and by 2004 was estimated to be 1,846,500 and around 2.4 million in early 2013. An estimated half million or more persons fled Mosul immediately after the invasion of Mosul in June 2015 and more in the latter part of the second half of 2014, and while some returned, more fled in 2015 as ISIL violence in Mosul worsened.

As was predicted by the DIA and others, Mosul was attacked on June 4, 2014 and after 6 days of fighting, on June 10, 2014, the Islamic State terrorist group ISIL took over Mosul during the 2014 Northern Iraq offensive.

Mosul ‘s new ISIL administration was initially dysfunctional especially since the Iraqi government immediately removed Mosul from the national power grid which caved the ability to pump water and perform most infrastructure functions in Mosul requiring reliable electrical power.

Gradually the ISIS occupiers have taken control of Mosul and can always draw a crowd for beheadings, stonings, burnings, and other brutal murders.

With four distinct police services, (the Hisbah religious police, al-Kansah Brigade female enforcers of rules applying to women, Secret Police, and Military Police) the salafi-jihadis have a bureaucratic management regime that uses death, amputation, stoning, crucifixion, and whipping as enforcement for tax collection, dues, tithing, common law enforcement, religious adherence enforcement, and security against activists and vigilantes who oppose the brutal totalitarian regime of the salafi-jihadis.

Original 2 meter Trench  built March 2015 being increased to 9 meters around Mosul in Oct. 2015

With frequent power cuts, tainted water supply, collapse of infrastructure support and failing health care, Mosul is a good place for salafi-jihadists who get free food, sex-slaves, electricity and comforts of life,  but an uncomfortable prison for (RINJ Foundation estimate)  750,000 residents and a socio-economic failure for all the inhabitants of Mosul and Ninaveh province.

More than 3 million Iraqis have been displaced since ISIS entered Iraq, most of them from the Anbar and Ninawa provinces, the ISIS’ strongholds in the country, according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre.

Until 2014 Mosul was an historic centre for the Nestorian Christianity of the Assyrians, containing the tombs of several Old Testament prophets such as Jonah. ISIS in June 2014 destroyed the tomb and church of Jonah which dated back to the 14th century.

Once home to 60-70 thousand Chaldean (Syriac) Christians there are none today in Mosul. The occupiers have destroyed most churches and valued Christian relics inside the city of Mosul. Some monasteries and churches remain intact outside Mosul city center in the Nineveh region.

ISIL Burning Churches In Mosul
The beautiful 1400-year-old St. George’s Monastery now destroyed by ISIS


Many female Yazidis from Mosul and the greater Mosul region (Nineveh) are imprisoned and occasionally some are slaughtered because of their resistance to being sold as sex slaves.  Recently the jihadists have force a couple dozen Yazidi pre-teens to join the AL-Khansa Brigade, a militant female police force.

The Islamic State occupiers of Mosul have murdered or driven out most minority groups and converted some Yazidi males and Christians to Islam. Women are required to cover their bodies from head to foot in a strict variant of Sharia rule and men are required to fully grow their beards and hair as does the members of the Islamic State. Life in Mosul is one of violent oppression where people suspected of activism against the occupiers, resistance activities, homosexuality, promiscuity or adultery are brutally and summarily tortured and murdered.

ISIS Captures, Brainwashes, Recruits, Builds a Future on:

The Children of Mosul

ISIL has a few thousand Yazidi girls held in messy camps between Bazwaia and Masad. Some are still in Badoush maybe a few hundred there and many are near Raqqah. Also to the west of Mosul are many small villages which host some elderly Islamic Scholars and other persons important to ISIS and in those areas exist scattered enclaves of captured kids and teens who do what ISIS considers to be useful work.

Children Learning To Behead Dolls

The children of Mosul are becoming ‘monsters’. So many small children seem to have lost their conscience following seventeen months of exposure to bloody brutality inflicted on their friends and family, right before their eyes. They have witnessed shootings, beheadings, stonings, crucifixions, floggings, knifings, and hand amputations. Some have even been taught to kill with live training against persons the ISIS have sentenced to death. Many have been sent to Al-Raqqah in Syria for advanced militia training.

Ten-year-olds march with assault rifles, ‘man’ checkpoints and are trained to cut heads off people using a large knife and stuffed animals for practice.

In early Fall 2015 a dozen kids tried to escape their military training. They thought death would be better. Daesh killed them in cold blood.

The schools previously shut down in the late summer and early fall of 2014 have been reopened gradually with a new curriculum that follows an extremist doctrine of Islam and Sharia law. Little children are recruited through the schools to perform menial duties and go through basic military training. They are paid good fees for their poor, unemployed families and the sale of children is thus given great incentive.

Causing unfathomable psychiatric damage, children customarily witness the beheading of people the Islamic State Caliphate police forces don’t like and the amputations (the hands of alleged thieves for example) administered to those who have allegedly broken the law. Justice is metted out most often without a trial but in some cases judges who are ordinary people with no special training who favour the Islamic State as rulers of Mosul are the judge and jury rubber stamping what ISIS prosecutors claim against the accused.

Life For Families In Mosul

Historically, an important product of the area is Mosul marble and oil. Employment in these sectors has helped families through generations, acquire wealth and prosperity. Now many people are jobless and they willingly accept menial tasks from jihadists and some sell their children into child slave labour  just so they can eat.
The Islamic State is alleged to be making significant sums of money selling fuel for heating and cooking,  oil and automotive petrol to the inhabitants of Mosul as well as exporting oil products. Residents trying to find other sources of fuel such as wood have been told not to cut down trees or they will be put to death.

The ISIS salafi-jihadi militant group has posted a detailed notice about trash collection, telling residents to put their garbage in black plastic bags and leave the bags outside for pickup just after evening prayers. For most families, basic infrastructure support in Mosul is non-existent.

People from Mosul families are called Maslawis. Staying in touch with the outside world has become nearly impossible for Mosul families. During the occupation of Mosul, phone lines have been cut by ISIL and cell phone towers and internet access destroyed.  The families of Mosul have been defacto prisoners, forbidden to leave the city unless they post with ISIL a significant collateral of family members, personal wealth and property.

Family members may then leave Mosul  upon paying a significant “departure tax”  on a three-day pass (for a higher fee they can surrender their home, pay the fee and leave for good) and if those with a three-day pass fail to return in that time their assets will be seized and family will be killed.

The city of Mosul is home to the University of Mosul and its renown Medical College, which together was one of the largest educational and research centers in Iraq and the Middle East. The University has since been closed but at the choice of the Islamic State’s leadership in Mosul, the Medical College remains open but barely functional.

RSAC Nurses

Mosul University – College of Medicine

RSAC Nurses were training and working in Mosul in the months prior to ISIS overtaking Mosul . Since that time they have worked in Mosul hospitals and fulfill roles of midwives delivering scores of babies each week and treating obstetric patients and a range of general medical care afforded by RSAC private clinics.

Hospitals in Nineveh region where RSAC Nurses trained at Mosul University’s Medical College include the following list as well as some private hospitals not on the list. Most of these hospitals offer health-care services for ISIS members particularly wounded ISIS soldiers. Citizens with money are treated in the hospitals and they must pay dearly. The children and wives of ISIS members are often treated in private clinics but for surgeries and dire needs, they are treated in the hospitals, most often Al-Jamhuri, Ibn Seena and the General Hospital. Obstetrics for Mosul are mostly done by RSAC Nurses, Midwives and trained EMS Workers. Babies are delivered outside of the hospitals. Pre and post natal care is also done outside the hospitals.

  • General Hospital Tal Afar
  • General Hospital Sinjar
  • General Hospital Al Shikhan
  • General Hospital Al Hamdania
  • Al Batool for Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  • Eben Al Athir for Children (Ibn Alatheer)
  • Hazem Al Hafez (Oncology and Nuclear Medicine)
  • Al-Salam Teaching Hospital.
  • Ibn Seena Teaching Hospital
  • Al-Jamhuri Teaching Hospital
  • Mosul Military Hospital (Mosul General)
  • Al Shifaa Hospital for Infectious Diseases
RSAC M1-M5 Clinics deliver babies, treat sexually transmitted diseases (STD), treat pregnant children, provide mental health care, deal with common gynecological issues, obstetrics, provide female products when available, provide birth control education and products including the IUS (especially the *Mirena Intra-Uterine System), provide abortions,  teach infectious disease prevention, mothering teachings, child-care instruction, pap tests, weight preoccupation and image awareness, healthy eating and wellness training,  vaginal health training, urinary tract infection treatment and prevention, and much more.

Footnote. * The Mirena IUS is a birth control method. It is small,  unseen, always working, plastic T-shaped device that releases the hormone levonorgestrel. It prevents pregnancy by making the lining of the uterus thinner. It also makes cervical mucus thicker, making it harder for sperm to enter the uterus. Your nurse inserts the IUS inside your uterus.

At the present time we strongly urge all Mosul women and teens to use this system.

Why  RSAC Nurses prefers IUS method of birth control:

  • When the IUS is inside you, nobody knows but you and your nurse. It works with 99% effectiveness all the time so you don’t have to consider birth control each time you have sex . (You do have to check the strings each month to make sure it is still in place.)

  • It works for up to 5 years or until it is removed by your nurse.

  • It prevents pregnancy more than 99% of the time. Pregnancy is immediately possible once the IUS is removed.

  • The IUS decreases menstrual bleeding. It may also decrease menstrual cramping.

  • The IUS does not contain estrogen so it can be used by those women who are sensitive to estrogen.

Among the many duties of the RSAC nurses in the women’s clinics is helping local women impacted by the gender-based violence of the Islamic State warriors, self defence has been a significant role.

The RSAC women have urged minorities in Mosul to stand their ground and avoid rape and death. Here’s a capsule description of the training from one of the Mosul RSAC nurses: “Do not stand in line to be raped or killed. Anything can become a weapon from a rock to a shoe. Use it. Kick, scratch, fight, bite, RUN. Three men fail to control 20 fighting women: the choice is easy: fight.”

The people in Mosul are terrified by the actions of some 3-5,000 terrorists.

If you know of a woman who has been raped by the Islamic Statesalafi-jihadists, #riseup. Report: .

If you have pictures of GBV perpetrators: Upload

Women in Mosul

Women in Mosul

Women are oppressed in Mosul, not valued as human equals to men. The ISIS jihadists are the epitome of patriarchal misogynists, buying and selling young girls from age 9 and up.

Rape of women in Mosul is a pastime for indigenous and foreign ISIS fighters.

Women must be accompanied by a male guardian (mahram) and wear clothing that covers their body completely including gloves for the hands, niqab for the head and khimar for the full coverage of the body from shoulders to feet.

The RINJ Foundation which operates medical clinics in Mosul, adduces that rape cases in Mosul Iraq prove a pattern of Caliph and Emir-ordered genocide and will lead to a conviction of genocide against the Islamic State, in the International Criminal Court, a permanent international tribunal to prosecute individuals for war-time rape, genocide, crimes against humanity, and aggression.

The Islamic State was in August 2015 reported to be selling captured women and girls to sex slave traders acting for agents from Canada, allegedly supported by the then Canadian Prime Minister S. Harper. The RINJ Foundation filed criminal complaints in two nations and prepared a submission to the United Nation and the International Criminal Court.

On 23 January 2015, online supporters of ISIS  began circulating a document entitled Women  in the Islamic State: Manifesto and Case Study. The text, which was uploaded by the all-female Al-Khansa Brigade’s  media wing onto a jihadist forum used by ISIS, was widely distributed among its Arabic-speaking supporters.

This  document, provides a very skewed version of life as a woman within the “Caliphate”. In reality, as bad is this may sound, life for a woman in the Islamic State Caliphate is much worse.

This manifest, translated by Quilliam, which you can read by clicking the image, is clearly designed as a means of drawing in women from countries in the region, in particular those in the  Gulf, presents something that is more akin to the realities of living as a female salafi-jihadist in IS-held territories.

Used by Al-Khansah to rip female offenders’ breasts.

While there are indeed all-female police brigades operating in Mosul and that, in certain  circumstances, women may be called to battle, policing and fighting are very low on the list of responsibilities given to  women.

The Al Khansa Brigade in Mosul has come under attack by the resistance movement but not before the members of the extremist female rule-enforces ripped apart the breasts of a women allegedly showing her ankles because her khimar was too short.

In September of 2015 following a Mosul underground resistance attack on a Nineveh Street police detachment, ISIS forced two dozen pre-teen Yazidi girls to train as al-Khansa brigade members thus because of their garb hiding any identifying features, the Mosul Underground Resistance (MUR) would then have difficulty killing members of the brigade for fear of killing Yazidis. (The MUR has stated publicly it only fired upon Al-Khansa Brigade facilities in self-defence.)

RSAC Nurses
The Women Respond to ISIS Salafi-Jihadi Militant Group

RSAC Nurses Respond to ISIS Salafi-Jihadi Militant Group


Next Full Moon November 11, 2015  – Stay Off The Bridges

Read these instructions carefully. اليوم قادم.

Every MuR captain and vigilante resistance supporter must this November take control of their own street and community to remove the Daesh. They may not enter | they may not leave alive.  Know your neighbours. Block your street and control who enters.  Your guns, knives, razors, swords, rocks, axes, shovels, pitchforks, irons, pots, pans, a can of food, hammer, lamp and glass bottles are all weapons. Wear protective gear like gloves, motorbike helmets, bicycle helmets, leather jackets, leather clothes, denim clothes, steel-toed footwear, and eye protection. Arm yourselves.

عندما تصبح نينوي و الموصل منطقة واحدة ..كل قائد رهط أو قائد مقاومة بالإضافة إلى المناصرين من الأحياء الشعبية يجب عليهم إحكام السيطرة على أحيائهم و مجتمعهم لإستئصال الداعش ..يجب أن لا تدعوا داعشياً يدخل أو يخرج حياً..يجب أن تعرفوا جيرانكم ..قوموا بغلق الشوارع لمعرفة من يدخل و يخرج ..تسلحوا بالمسدسات ..سكاكين . شفرات الحلاقة. السيوف و الحجارة و الفؤوس..و المجارف و العصي و الحديد ..الأواني و المقالي ..علبة من المواد الغذائية . مطرقة . المصابيح و القارورات الزجاجية كلها أسلحة ..ارتداء الملابس الواقية مثل القفازات و خوذات الدراجات النارية و السترات الجلدية أي شيء يحميكم مثل الملابس و الجلود و ملابس الجينز و الأحذية الصلبة لتحموا به اصابعكم و اعينكم ….سلحوا أنفسكم .

 اليوم قادم.

Daesh have chemical weapons down by the airport and an airplane. Make no mistake about it, they plan to kill us all, all the people in Mosul if they are losing the battle with the 50,000 Iraqi (Shia) soldiers. Moslawis must act now and save themselves.

Do you really want to wait for 50,000 Shia Militia-led soldiers to come slaughtering their way into Mosul? #RiseUp

Don’t be stupid! If ISIS (Daesh) stays, everybody in Mosul dies.

Daesh are already killing on average 35 Moslawi per day and climbing. Some days it is a hundred thirty five Moslawi killed and some days it is two. Average 35 Moslawi killed per day.

Daesh kills 1.4 people per hour in Mosul  but when the Shia soldiers approach the Daesh will kill us all, booby-trap many of our homes, and run away to Syria. Those who are left the Shia will slaughter. They will. #RiseUp

Daesh have seized the Moslawis’ children. Kids are now brainwashed Daesh killers and need to escape but they try and escape and are killed by Daesh en masse. As the Daesh bullets fly and the kids die, these little children scream to each other, “to die is better than to live”. Makes you want to scream to all men of Mosul: “You men get off your butts and save the kids!“, doesn’t it? Let the women do it? Fune. We will. #RiseUp

We must push Daesh out of Mosul so the Peshmerga on the east Nineveh and the PKK Kurds on the west Nineveh will kill them or push Daesh back to Syria. Nineveh province and Anbar province must get rid of Daesh Disease. The Peshmerga will not stay after the Daesh are pushed out, they will guard the roads to the Moslawis’ homes. Mosul will be saved if you #RiseUp

Mosul people must #riseup or die.

The 750,000 people in Mosul
 are terrified by the actions of some 3-5,000 terrorists. We are the bigger number by far. We must do it or die. The day is coming when Mosul and Nineveh will become two. Mosul Uprising Begins. stay off the bridges. #RiseUp

The Mosul Underground Resistance (MUR) set up by the Reaper Security Team of guards policing RSAC Clinics and organizing and working with the ‘Revenge of Nineveh’, the ‘Brigades of Mosul’,  the ‘Lions of Nineveh’, the ‘Brigades for the Liberation of Mosul’, The ‘Mosul Youth Resistance Movement’, and the ‘Mosul Liberation Battalions’ are urging all citizens of Mosul to follow their training and their instincts and rise up when Mosul and Nineveh become two.

Rise up, sisters of Mosul!

When the city is split in two, Rise Up. The street party is November 11, 2015.

Who Are The Daesh

Original ISIS Blueprint of ISIL Mastermind, Iraqi Samir Abd Muhammad al-Khlifawi from the Saddam Hussein Republican Guard era who died in January 2014 in Syria
Original ISIS Blueprint of ISIL Mastermind, Iraqi Samir Abd Muhammad al-Khlifawi from the Saddam Hussein Republican Guard era who died in January 2014 in Syria

The Daesh (ISIS / ISIL) are extreme enforcers of Islam. You can say they are not Islam all you want but that’s what they are: 7th Century Islamist extremists and self-ordained salafi-jihadi militants.

In the 7th Century all religions had people who behaved horribly.  Islam was as misogynistic and as abhorrent then, in the 7th century, as the Daesh are today. That’s the problem with the Daesh and their religion.

The sad thing is that Raqqah and Mosul were pretty good places in ancient times, tolerant and forgiving in those times. That is not the case now as we observe from our little “clinics”, makeshift hospitals for women and their female problems following victimization by the Daesh Sexual Predators who as a percentage of the Daesh fighters is the vast majority.

The Daesh warned all women in Mosul to wear full-face veils or risk severe punishment. That is very good for us because some of our people are obviously not from the region but on the same hand we can’t tell who is and isn’t our enemy either.

These Sunni-inspired Daesh insurgents, who have declared a caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria, also view Iraq’s majority Shiites as infidels who deserve to be killed.

They hate the Shiites and summarily kill them.

Jews face the same fate.

Initially after the ISIS invasion both Christians and Jews continually ask us or indirectly send messages to us asking us to get them out of Mosul. They even offer money. But we can’t help (officially). The big problem is that they don’t tell us the truth about who they leave behind and for sure those they leave behind will be found and killed eventually. People are desperate but we are here for the long haul and can see the bigger picture. You can’t leave anyone behind.

Religious police (Hisbah) vehicles with loudspeakers remind people of daily prayers & also serve to make announcements about upcoming beheadings and stonings that residents must attend.

The Daesh Promises (Dabiq)

The salafi-jihadi operatives of ISIS are defined by ISIS as “soldiers of the Islamic State” who took it upon themselves “to restore the glory of the Islamic Caliphate and eliminate the oppression and injustice of our fellow Muslims.” 

Attitude toward residents is determined by behavior, says ISIS (“the secrets of their hearts we leave to Allah”). The ISIS charter states that “a person who is a Muslim from the outside, and is not involved in even one thing that contradicts Islam, will be treated by us as a Muslim. We will not suspect a man and will not accuse him without decisive proof and an overwhelming allegation …”

Residents living under the rule of the Islamic State are supposed to feel safe and secure, says ISIS, because the Islamic regime guarantees the rights of the people under its protection and takes care of the oppressed.

Note: At the same time, ISIS is losing its strength and its ability to earn because thousands of residents are fleeing Mosul because of many severe inconveniences such as water, power, health care and food.These are the belongings of Catholics and Jews put on sale in a Daesh Market in Mosul. The owners are dead or fled.

It is forbidden to trade in wine, drugs, cigarettes, and “other forbidden things” or to become addicted to them.

Residents are warned not to collaborate with the Iraqi and international coalition, and in particular with Mosul Underground Resistance and “idol worshippers” .

Anyone who repents will be forgiven, says ISIS  (“the gate of repentance is open to those who wish to pass through it”), but as for those “who insist and continue to withdraw from the religion of Islam, there is one sentence for them: death.”

Desecration of graves and statues: “Our (ISIS) position regarding the holy graves … and places of pilgrimage of the idol worshippers is according to the correct words of the Prophet Muhammad …” The document cites a tradition (hadith) attributed to the Prophet Muhammad whereby

Modesty of women: The charter calls on “respectable women” to “adhere to humility, scarves, and coverings.” They are to stay at home, “shut themselves away in the women’s courtyard,” and not leave it unless necessary, because “this was the way of the mothers of the faithful friends of the Prophet …”

Caring for Survivors and enabling Prosecution of Parties To Rape In Conflict

Some Third-Party Reports

Report of August 25, 2015

Rape in Conflict Is a War Crime, No Matter How You Spin It – Huffington Post

 Report of April 5, 2015

Report of April 5, 2015 from Mosul by Hart Nation

Report of March 31, 2015

Report of March 31, 2015 From Mosul by Hart Nation

Update March 22, 2015

Report of March 22, 2015 From Mosul by Hart Nation

Update March 13, 2015

Report of March 13, 2015 From Mosul by Hart Nation

Update March 1, 2015

Report of March 1, 2015 from Mosul by Hart Nation

Update Feb. 15, 2015

Report of Feb. 15, 2015 from Mosul by Hart Nation

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