Iranian Government Must be Recalled by the Iranian People

As hopeless as the case may be it is no less true that this should be said.

Members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement march during a military parade in Gaza City on October 4, 2018. They have one purpose and that is to start wars. Photo Credit: AFP PHOTO / Anas BABA


Recent events in Syria have destroyed every iota of the Iranian government’s credibility. That is a sad thing for the Iranian people who are wholesome, humane, peaceful individuals as a whole. But their government is a runaway rogue and must be shutdown.

Sometimes the expression, “you get what you give” replaces Karma and the roof simply falls down. In the case of the Iranian dog barking “total destruction of Israel”,  the world has just about had enough of Tehran’s scowling, barking patriarchal psychotics.

Iran had no business infiltrating Iraq and Syria with hundreds of thousands jihadist militias. They were snarky, ignorant pigs. No other militants nor regular soldiers could work with them.

Meanwhile the cost to arm these cowardly terrorists plus the cost of  missiles and chemical weapons that Iran shipped over and through Iraq to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad took food from babies’ mouths in Iran.

  •  Iran often says its whole purpose in being inside Syria is the total destruction of Israel.
  • Syria often says it will join Iran in attacks against Israel.
  • Israel says it will hurt any nation that tries to hurt Israel.

This intolerable situation needs to stand down.

Iran must get its troops, militias and various other ill-intentioned actors out of Syria and Iraq. Arrest as war criminals is the other alternative. Resisting arrest in a war zone is not a wise move.

To the Iranian government : Get out of Syria and go home. This path is not good for the Iranian people.

Iran would do much better if making peace with its neighbours and focusing on its drought, famine, starvation and epic health and environmental problems.

The world is allied with Israel while Iran’s government has hijacked the people of Iran and pushed the envelope of tolerance on being a menace to the world with its numerous surrogate terrorist militias creating mayhem everywhere.

“Your religion is your private business. Your spirituality is also private business. Keep it to yourself. That is true for everyone,” said Father Breen of the Roman Catholic Church when asked about religion in regions of strife.

Iran’s government is accused of war crimes:

  • lying to the Iranian people about the purpose of its massive spending operations hence depriving the people of the country the benefit of its own hard work and enterprise ;
  • hijacking a peaceful Iranian population that only wants to live happy lives in harmony with Earth and Allah;
  • employing brutally unlawful tactics to silence the voices of legitimate, peaceful internal critics;
  • conspiring with North Korea for the purpose of acquiring and sharing ballistic missile technology and nuclear weapons development;
  • demonizing women in Iran and inviting violence toward women when the highest voice, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini said that gender equality was “one of the biggest mistakes of Western thought;
  • manipulating the foolish Houthis in Yemen for improper and violent purpose;
  • attacking humanitarian supply vessels;
  • disturbing the peace in Gaza;
  • amassing weapons in Syria and launching attacks from Syria across the border into Israel;
  • with unlawful entry into Israel via a tunnel infrastructure from Lebanon and Syria, conducting breach-of-the peace operations in regions of government calming which calming has been conducted on the behest of the global community;
  • exploiting Syria for the purpose acquiring territory to use in a war against Israel thus risking the lives of millions more innocent Syrian civilians;
  • installing in Syria weapons which technically have sole-use as population attacks on Israel, and aimed at Israel;
  • raping women and girls in settlements and towns along the Hwy 47 in Iraq and near Tal Afar;
  • raping Alawites, Druze, and Ismailis women and girls plus others in Syria; and
  • infiltrating the Syrian military and government in a command role hence having criminal responsibility with Bashar al-Assad for all of Syria’s war crimes.

The people of Iran need to recall their government. That should be done as peacefully as possible but done regardless.
How can the world help?

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