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October 28, 2016 – Moslawis MUST Make A Plan To Leave Mosul

The Enemy is not just the Takfiri.
Mosul is being invaded by a collection of militias some of whom have malicious intentions against you. Some want to rob you. Some want to kill you. Some want to save you from something they believe is wrong.

Many armed people in the city will invade your home and kill you for little or no reason.

Mosul Underground Resistance members will be active and so will the invading militias. Fighting people and bullets will be flying everywhere chasing Daesh fighters in and out of residential areas. Bombs will be dropped. A bloody mess is ahead.  Daesh will try hurt everyone. If Daesh try to round you up and take you somewhere, you are going to be killed. The second you have them outnumbered, attack them and flee. Don’t be walked down streets to another tunnel entrance and then be killed. That is happening now.

Some invaders are just ordinary Middle East men who as usual are armed, angry and killing people. They don’t want to die either and they will be suspicious, angry and afraid. They are well armed and when you see them they have already killed. Many combatants are not wearing recognizable uniforms and may dress just like you.

If you stay in Mosul you may look like a salafi jihadist to the invaders and you may have a Daesh with his arm around you, looking like your pal, and another with a gun to your kid’s head out of sight. Who knows?  Who will the soldier shoot. Daesh hide among you.

You need to be very careful who you trust. Talk to your street captains and ORGANIZE a departure from Mosul in as mobile a group as possible. Lightly arm yourselves if you want but remember a can of food is a weapon you can eat.  The same is true of some water containers.  You are not resistance fighters when you hit the road. You are evacuees–displaced individuals.

Careful Speed
Go swiftly and discreetly. If a Mosul Underground Resistance (MuR) unit is willing to accompany you to exit the city, good, but that is not you so carry your kid, your food or your water, not a gun. Go fast. Pack and travel for speed.

Leave Mosul carefully, invisibly and fast. Everything you do must be aligned to this goal.  Worry less about where you are going and more about surviving at each moment. You are going to rely on other people once you are out. Make a white flag. Stick it in a pocket.  It is the international symbol of no-conflict.

  • DO NOT carry any weapon while carrying a white flag or while you are an evacuee.
  • DO NOT do any kind of celebrity gunfire, ever.
  • DO NOT let your men wear camouflage clothes or military tunics. You are evacuating civilians! Be what you are.


  • Stay together.
  • Bring your medicines and first-aid kits.
  • Bring food. Bring your cash and personal documents–all your personal documents in a waterproof satchel or envelope or plastic bag. Wear it under your shirt. (Remember: Do not lose your life over money but it could help you and your family down the road. That’s the honest truth.)
  • Always protect your children and the weaker members of your group. What goes around comes around.

It is time to leave Mosul for now. Maybe you can rebuild it. So far in this war, the cities have been bombed to rubble. Don’t be rubble.

The best route so far is to the NW.  That could change ten minutes from now. Sorry. Talk to your street captains. If your neighbourhood has none, appoint one or be one.

You may want to go all the way to the  Turkish border or stay in Rojava region. If you go to the Turkish border be sure to tell the border staff that you are from Mosul and seek asylum.

Route and method is something you need to discuss with your street captain. Be prepared to make changes.

Remember that if you are alive you can survive for a long time by yourself in the wilderness of Syria and Iraq. You must be alive to do that. You must learn to help each other and to share.

As you go, make contact with any UN humanitarian organization you encounter and ask for help.

 Look for this UNHCR symbol.

I want to stay in Mosul.
Getting killed because you want to try to protect your personal wealth is a stupid decision. Think of your kids and the value of any amount of extra time on Earth with them and other members of your family. Every precious drop of life is worth all the money in the world. Stay alive. Survivors have a lot to offer the world. Be a survivor.

Depending on where you are in this sprawling city, the type of home you have and pure luck, hiding in your cellar might work to keep you alive. For sure you are safer in a displaced person camp as an evacuee.

But it probably staying in Mosul will not work out for you if the IS decide to gas low lying areas or go door-to-door and shoot up you and your home.

I believe that horrors lie ahead but I also can see scenarios that include Daesh departure and not harming a hair on anyone’s head. Do you want to roll the dice? An American 500 pound bomb or bigger or the explosion from one nearby might be what kills you. Or an invading soldier looking to rob you may be startled by you cowering in the basement and kill you.

Get out of hell. Come back to Mosul after the all-clear. Tune radio, TV, internet and learn. Communicate with the people you trust. Talk to your neighbours. Find the street captain. Make your plan. Decide on a time. Choose what to carry. Lock your home up. Go.

Mosul Underground Resistance
Their lives are always in danger. If you know somebody, talk to them specifically about YOUR AREA’s best strategy for evacuation. There may be a group leaving soon that they know about and you can join.


This is war. Everything changes minute by minute. From now on the changes will be for the worse and the rate of change will continue to increase for a while.

Safe Corridors
Listen for news of safe corridors. By international law the invading armies must provide safe passage for civilians. So far that has not happened but it may and if you ask for that you are entitled to have safe passage. Demand help from invaders.

If you are sick. Leave Mosul by any means you can. We KNOW Daesh intend to kill medical people and to destroy hospitals and clinics. This has begun. At the time of writing several hospitals in the region have closed or have been destroyed.

If you are carrying a sick person, immediately report the condition to soldiers or aid workers you meet and you will be given a priority. The same applies to pregnant women, seniors and the ill.



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