2018 Tactical Communications Summit

Military Tactical Communications Summit

An RT contingent will attend. Members wishing to attend should contact events@.

12 September, 2018 – 13 September, 2018, Alexandria, VA, United States

The 2018 Tactical Communications Summit will focus on advancing network capabilities by delivering enhanced C4ISR and information dominance to the current and future Warfighter. The Summit will look to strengthen reliable access to data, voice, and video anytime and anywhere to support situational awareness and operational flexibility at the tactical edge.

This Year’s Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • MG Mitch L. Kilgo, USA, Director, C4 J-6, USCENTCOM
  • Kevin M. Mulvihill, SES, Director, C4, Information Infrastructure, DoD CIO Office
  • Thomas F. Greenfield, SES, Deputy Director, Communication and Networks Directorate, DASD C3CB, OSD (AT&L)
  • MG (Ret.) N. Lee S. Price, USA, Price Solutions, LLC (SDVOSB), Former Program Executive Officer, PEO C3T
  • COL Greg Coile, USA, Project Manager, Tactical Networks, PEO C3T
  • Col Scott F. Stebbins, USMC, Director, Information Warfare Integration Division (IWID), Capability Portfolio Manager JCA 5 & 6 Capabilities Development Directorate DC CD&I, HQMC
  • COL Enrique Costas, USA, PM, Defense Communications & Army Transmission Systems, (DCATS), PEO EIS
  • CAPT Chris McDowell, USN, PM, Air Combat Electronics (PMA-209), NAVAIR

Topics to be covered at the 2018 Summit:

  • Facilitating secure and resilient communications for commanders in expeditionary environments
  • Enabling Warfighter readiness through the increase of intuitive communication devices at the tactical edge
  • Integrating sustainable tactical communications systems to ensure operational dominance
  • Enabling Warfighter superiority and information dominance across the Army Enterprise
  • Developing emerging technologies to secure robust tactical networks and improve expeditionary operations
  • Ensuring the Warfighter’s ability to communicate from long distances anytime and anywhere in austere environments
  • Advancing C2 architecture to maintain and secure tactical communications between the Warfighter and mission command
  • Developing a simplified network to assist the Warfighter from anywhere in the battlespace
  • Shaping the Army’s tactical communications to ensure readiness now and in the future
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